My OG Ike: Close Call?

I’m considering Close Call for my boy Ike. Can he use it effectively or does he want something else more for a B slot? The CC would be from a -atk +hp mareeta.



54 Spd unbuffed seems decent for it to me, though it could stand to be a little higher. :feh_hecstare:

It’s not a bad idea though.

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he defs has enough speed. its probably his best b slot.

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it basically makes him bike with inherent dc in his weapon.

Looks like close call would make him an absolute tank against physical damage. Deadly magic units like Ophelia are still a massive threat, but other than that, not much could stand against that Ike.

You could argue N-C-Disrupt would be good against staff units, but his res is a little low for that. Null-follow-is also an extremely solid option to help deal with armours with bold/wary fighter.

With that skill set yeah go ahead it should work fairly well