My old Eliwood Campaign posts (Q&A nostalgia)

In honor of CYL finally hitting tomorrow, I’m posting here the links to my old Eliwood campaign posts.

It was a lot of fun back then, and I like to think it made a difference.
Hopefully this’ll grand me some luck ;p

Eliwood really is my favorite lord, that hasn’t changed. And in some of these posts you might see why I think so.










And finally here’s a bigger post, where I more in depth explain why I like the dude.
I still stand by everything said here

A long ode to Eliwood


Now seeing back to the old posts and how people wanted Alm…and now shittalking his design and how underwhelming his he.

Welp can’t please everyone.
Atleast Eli got what he deserves.


It’s most important that fans like us got what we wanted

Also everyone shittalking B!Alm is an idiot and I think this is the best looking version of Alm


Man This Brings So Much Memories
The Only Man Who Convinced Me To Vote For Someone Who Isn’t Nowi

And Allin

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He’s… underwhelming? Well, even if I think threaten atk/spd 4 is better on a mixed tank than a relatively squishy unit…

SCENDSCALE. He’s definitely gonna be one of the best tank busters in the game.

Also, I feel like I’m kinda underestimating his bulk when using his prf weapon, +5 to all stats means he could probably reach respectable mixed bulk with insane speed.

Still picking Eliwood though. I’ve chosen the fe7 lords both times and I’m not gonna stop now!

Well, he’s talking about people not liking the art

But Alm’s gonna have 42 def on his own, and the threaten is a way to buff himself when he’s out on his own.

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Ah Yes
Can’t Wait To Give Nowi His C

I will likely not fodder any of the CYL units, even if I get multiple

I Don’t Have Nothing Or I Like Anyone In Particular,They’re All Neutral
And This Batch Have Really Interesting Food

He mentioned them saying that he was “underwhelming”.

But I agree with the art. His armor isn’t D O N G enough. jk.

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That was a nice read. I’m glad it wasn’t for naught, even if it was mainly a joke. Looking forward to tomorrow. It’ll be quite the day.


There’s just enough Dong

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

Ahh bro those campaigns made me want to do Alm campaigns


Well, Alm won already.

We got that dong

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That was such a great moment
until dong armor salt

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I’m getting annoyed at the salt here sometimes, maybe more than I should.

Still… All memes aside
Brave Alm is best Alm.


Yeah, I felt some of the recent salt was annoying

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If people weren’t salty about actual bad things then there’s something wrong and the new stuff is pretty tilting.

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Really? I loved L!Alm’s design a bit more, but that’s mainly because of his standard and injured art.

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Those campains were one of the first things I read here and bring back really good memories <3 Im glad Eliwood not only won a place, but also have gotten such a great brave alt. Micaiah bias aside, he got the best end design-wise for me. I love the outfit and the tiny details from Ninian are top shit.

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