My one gripe with the game SQ!

I’ve been playing FGO since 2nd anniversary in 2019 and i enjoy the game, I’ve played it constantly since then and I dont plan on leaving anytime soon. One thing about FGO has always bugged me though, I feel as though the amount of SQ we receive on average is low. Weekly we recieve only 6 sq from logins and weekly missions, it takes 30 sq for one roll. If you collect all your weekly SQ in a month thats only about 24 quarts, not even enough to do a roll, it takes forever to save up SQ and we all know that roll rates arent that great :fgo_insane:. The only other gatcha i currently play is Touhou Lost Word and that games is fairly generous on giving players resources to roll the Gacha. Do you guys feel as if FGO also shafts the players in terms of SQ received?

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I feel like FGO enables fewer free rolls but that it’s easier to get what you actually want compared to some games I’ve played.


I have two takes on this:

FGO does have less rolls, and worse overall SSR rates than most gacha. It also has no monthly login bundles, monthly discounts or special celebration discounts. After the price increase in the EU etc, it’s pushed itself solidly to the most expensive gacha for in-game currency.

Other gacha might have better rates but the amount of SSR or greater units that are actually good is low and the rate of powercreep in most other gacha I have played is high. There are definitely ups and downs to FGO SSRs, some Servants are worth more than others without a doubt, but very few SSRs fall into a “urgh, tresh” category bin.

Supports only need NP1 to keep yourself arms-raced up, DPS don’t tend to upward trend much. Arjuna Alter is still the generally most damaging AoE and he’s pre-4th anni.


Yeah the value from a singular servant is really high compared to pretty much anything else I’ve played, especially since they handle powercreep really well. I do still think they could be a bit more generous with currency but thats always the case in gacha games


Yeah I started playing Azur lane a lot and going back to the baby food amount of SQ I get compared to cubes sucks.


Yeah we get fewer SQ than other games but we don’t need to roll as much SSR compared to the others. Dupes are not as needed compared to other gachas. Just prioritize on meta support and you’ll be good in most cases.

One thing I do wish they’d add is a subscription pack. Most gacha games have them why can’t we?


I think the SQ amount is decent, my problem is the drop rates. I’ve been playing Counter Side quite a bit lately and the gacha is substantially more generous, including a lower ceiling pity system that even carries over to other banners. FGO is super stingy by comparison, their pity is terrible and was probably only implemented because China forced their hand.



That game gives free rolls for breakfast~

But going into topic, I play five gachas atm and I would say FGO comparatively gives average to decent number of rolls. It just feels scuffed since the reward mechanics is pretty harsh compared to something like Genshin which I would say is more stingy currency wise, but assures you get your rolls’ worth every 10 roll, with cumulative pity that caps your potential overall loss.

As for powercreep, it is among the best in balancing from what I’ve experienced. This is mostly due to the RUQ/Interlude mechanics which gives players confidence (and hope) that their investments are worthwhile for the long term. The absence of competitive modes in the game also contributes to this fact as it minimizes “meta anxiety” outside of the few difficult gameplay content.


I just wish we could perform rolls at a more decent rate. I’ve got Van Gogh coming in and I really want her but im scared that what meager sum i’ve managed to scrap by wont be enough. Next year I’m gunning for Space Ishtar, Koyanskaya, Oberon and maybe Morgan. 2024 is gunna be even fucking worse because theres multiple banners i want to roll so close to one another, theres super Bunyan, Charlemagne, Ruler Moriarty, Summer artorias long awaited comeback, Arcuied, Proto Merlin, Summer snake girl, and that new 5 star assassin. so many in so little time


I know what you mean.

I’m basically saving everything right now for Spishtar.

I’m not rolling after the Spishtar banner. Saving until Koyanskaya then Oberon.


For logging in you don’t get much, however, they run campaigns where they hand quartz/tickets out a bit more frequently and rolling out RUQ’s/interludes and the huge abundance of FQ’s give out a lot of SQ. Not to mention the anniversaries usually give out something substantial like JP a couple months ago gave out many SQ’s for just having servants leveled up and ascended. Like the game can be bad if you want every SSR they put out, but luckily you don’t need every servant they put out and can get by on F2P if you roll for few targets each year like next year the ‘must summons’ are just Vitch and Oberon, everyone else is optional IMO unless you don’t have a good DPS for some loop setup, but you don’t need a looping setup to play the game.


Oh i’ve got all the good supports looping aint an issue, I just want the game to reward me a little more you know, give me a little more quarts so i don’t feel bad throwing a yolo on a random banner. Maybe just giving out a bit more weekly so we can at least get 30 quarts a month lol

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30 quarts of quartz sounds like so many. Until you try to NP5 a servant :fgo_insane:




Isn’t 30 sq a month what we get regularly from weekly alone when considering ticket = 3sq


The game has only gotten more generous with the amount of SQ they give for playing story/logins/campaigns.

Honestly FGO is one of the most generous games for F2P I have played, here is my reasoning:

  • rates are bad and the lack of pity is terrible (currently on NA). BUT, honestly you only need 1 sometimes 2 copies of a 5* servant to use it to its full potential. Additional copies are nice, enable whale strats but are a marginal upgrade. Compared to Genshin where the true potential of DPS units is often locked behind 3 copies, sometimes more, FGO is not overall worse than most gachas on value per roll.

  • pity is an issue for sure. But the game gives you a free 5* (we had our first campaign and staring next anniversary any new account will be able to choose one from the get go). The friend support mechaninc basically ensures you have an additional 5* for most of the content (there are some story exceptions) so you can use most 5* units in the game (will get easier with triple support lists).

  • the amount of SQ we get yearly is actually pretty high if you consider tickets. Just from logging in and the da Vinci shop we get : 60 + 52 tickets, 204 + 210 SQ base yearly. We can add to this campaigns and the 400+ SQ from each anniversary, plus interludes and missions and we reach a pretty high number of SQ. I’d say on average you can get the equivalent of 1200 SQ each year so around 4 5*. Compare this to Genshin where on average a player can expect a 5* every 3 banners (9 weeks) it’s a similar amount.

  • what makes FGO seem much more stingy is that there are no bundles or payed SQ spread over time like in all other gachas. You buy SQ upfront at a very expensive price (as an European I’m still salty about the cost increase). So dolphins and low spenders who buy a small amount of SQ may find there is no significant value for their purchase.

In the end, I don’t think FGO is a stingy gacha game due to its mechanics and the value of 5* (plus as has been said, there is little power creep). However I do believe there are other gachas out there who are more generous. Just take into account that there are also gachas, like Genshin, naruto online (at the time) or saint seiya knights of the zodiac to name a few, that require much more investment and give way less for free.


imagine if we got 7 sq per week instead :fgo_sthenosmug:


Ok, I’m going to be that person!

You don’t get 6SQ pr week. You get 10SQ: 3SQ from weekly, 3SQ from the weekly ticket and 4SQ from the logins.

Then we have events, maintenance, campaigns, 50 day login bonus, blablablah.
I got no problem with the SQ intake as I do with the fake rate-up.

Edit: When you forget to press on the reply button and someone else says it before you… :fgo_danzoblush:


This would be better if fgo was better with content/time management. The long dead periods and events make weekly missions a pain most of the time, I’ve probably left dozens of sq on the table

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There are definitely ups and downs to FGO SSRs, some Servants are worth more than others without a doubt, but very few SSRs fall into a “urgh, tresh” category bin.

To add onto this, FGO’s lower rarity servants can actually be good and useful. I’m trying out Echocalypse and while the game is fun, the powercreep of SSRs against SR and R units is absolutely insane. They even have a mechanism built in to strip characters of all your invested resources just so you can pump it into higher rarity characters. It’s sad, because a ton of the Rs and SRs are actually well designed and the starting four (who are basically the story’s main characters) get powercrept so hard, they end up as dead weight in your roster.

It’s so bad that the general agreement is that SRs are just padding for an SSR and you collect Rs for their artwork.