My orbs are saved

All units are garbage, the only interesting one is Flora and her amazing C skill (and Nils I guess but he is an infantry dancer in a dimension where Lazura and Peony are ideas.



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I mean, ■■■■■■■■■■■ all melee fliers suck.

cries in NY!Gunnthra


A dancer that can debuff 2 units for -4 all stats from a distance, has high hp for infantry pulse, and can actually be blessed definitely has a lot of potential, especially as a one-off.

If he has good res, he’ll be even better.

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Cries in Caeda Catria and Beruka merge projects

Nil’s b skill interest me for Aether Raids,but everything else is meh for me.

Cries in f2p flier emblem projects

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Isn’t it a B skill?

Sigurds, should I fodder my NY! Gunnthra +res/-def?

That depends on a couple things, I’d say.

If you have a spare copy with +ATK or +SPD, she can be a pretty monstrous Desperation flier. Hikami is a really fun sword to use and she’s served me well in my flier team, even with just one merge. I haven’t messed around too much with her builds, but she basically nullifies doubles with her Spd stat.

If not, I’d say go for it if you don’t have a use for her. If you’re planning on foddering her, make sure to grab her Swift Sparrow and Joint Hone Spd. All being said, she has some pretty damn good fodder.=, but these are the big ticket items.