My own tier list of every FE Game

So before Engage gets release I had decided to complete almost every Fire Emblem game, mainly since I don’t want to play through shadow dragon 2 more times and go through another NES Title. And finally, after a few months now, I have played through and completed each unique entry and ranked them, in my personal opinion. Also, because I am insane, I had decided to split up Three Houses, Three Hopes, and Feh because I had very different feelings about each part and averaging them out seemed boring.

And before anyone else says it in the comments, “INEXCUSABLE, blank ISN"T IN blank TIER 0/10”
I think after playing through every game, I have a new appreciation for this series and I hope Engage can live up to the hype. Now I can, kinda, relax until Engage releases.


First of all, you are brave. Also here is the template:

As for me: anything from Feh higher than F tier?! :feh_eirikathink:

Btw, do you have a link to this particular tierlist?


Yeah didn’t feel like find the template lol. But still amazing. Feh is above F tier purely because of stockholm syndrome, I can’t escape lol.

Here is the template:

Idk why it put in the three hopes entries twice but it did.


Sees PoR on Tier S and RD on Tier A.

Alright I’m completely fine with the Tier list. :partying_face:


I respect the genealogy placement for sure (And FE7, which I love)

For me I think I like FE6 more when other people are playing it…


Can’t really comment on too many placements but I find it funny that all the FEH books are completely different than what I’d rate them lol. Tbf, in the grand scheme of things I think all really belong in D or F because they’re pretty in bad in terms of story telling thanks to garbage structure. Relative to each other though, I like Book 2 the best since I actually like all the characters attached to it (minus Fjorm) and the plot was pretty simple and straight forward. Book 1 was a fever dream that had nothing to it that I can remember, and then the rest all fumbled at their latter halves. Well, at least all the ones I managed to sit through, which is not something I did for Book 6 because I couldn’t come to care about anyone involved. Maybe it was good, idk. I hope the next book is more appealing to me, though IS does seem like they’re trying to speedrun EOS so maybe not :joy:


One person who actually loves Thracia766, wow. I never made it beyond chapter 23 after suffering through hours of the horrible capture system and healers who actually miss in the most crucial situations.

Also interesting that Three Hopes ranks higher than Three Houses. I personally think despite all its massive content the writing is pretty terrible and at least one of the routes doesn’t make any sense, granted I haven’t played the Dimitri route yet which seems to be your favorite.

I can appreciate that Genealogy is in S tier tho! :feh_claudetea:


Sacred stones should be higher imo


For Thracia I know it could be frustating but I found that beating it was the greatest I felt beating any FE game because of how difficult it was. For Three hopes I think it was just better worldbuilding and similar ideas that made like it more, aside from golden deer I think that route was worse than the original.