My Plan And How I Will Build Ylgr

When Everything Is Active:
70 Atk
58 Spd
40 Def
29 Res

I Have All The Fodder Needed


You absolute madman

@LuteTheGod the pfp

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We are the Lute cult…

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I’m wondering if I should build Ylgr or if I should just try to build Libra…

I want Ylgr but the Grails…


But I don’t have 11 Libra’s, and I really don’t plan on summoning green at any point in the future.

Hey nice, I like it. Grats on the Swift Sparrow 3 pull. I’m probably going to end up feeding her my Mareeta for FB4 and Null Follow Up. Just gotta figure out what weapon/special would work best with it.

Bonfire + Her Weapon
Or Ignis + Flashing Blade 4 + Slaying

Ignis Slaying sounds real fun. Was considering Wo Gun with Luna so I can get 15 True Damage on special.

This is absolutely disgusting…
I hope you have a nice day

now its time to go to the market and buy something good to cook. I’m all messed up today


Hello, another me

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What builder do you use?