My plan for a spring bartre build

What do you guys think about this build. Its a mix phase powerhouse build ment for flexing on other physical units

I plan to make this build as soon as i have the grails for it


Looks good :feh_bartre:


But he has no way of doubling on player phase.

I’d recommend changing Atk/Def Solo to Atk/def Bond (or Form if you have it) if you’re keeping Carrot Cudgel. It’s easier to activate both Carrot Cudgel and the Bond/Form than it is to active Carrot Cudgel and Atk/Def Solo.

He looks very strong either way!


Doesnt need to double when his atk and def are so big that he doesnt worry about damage very much. Counting the lull as effectively 3 more def he gets 65 def on both phases if he has a +6 def buff

I do not have form fodder or i would give him that. So my only options were either solo or brazen. Solo seemed like the better choice

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But just having high Def doesn’t help him in PP.
He’s a good EP physical Tank, but he can’t do shit in PP.

I get his weapon is a bond up to 2 spaces but that still feels extremely awkward running with a solo skill, I recommend changing that. Why not just focus on enemy phase instead of mixed phase?


I saw the pfp and I thought you were another user and I was about to @- you lol

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65 def on both phases helps him in player phase by giving him a 32(or 33 idk how the math works) damage bonfire when it procs while also allowing him to hit hard with his insanely high attack stat. I also have plenty of enemy phase tanks so bartre doesnt need to thrown into that pile

Because the 2 space bond and solo synergize of course. It allows him to reach 65 defense in both phases as long as 1 ally is within 2 spaces which is really high and his atk is so insane a bonfire is a reliable kill move

If I remember correctly, it rounds down.

You cant procc Bonfire in PP without doubling
65 Def against any good Unit is basically nothing since debuffs and buffs exist or do you think Lukas is scary because he can stack alot of Def

You basically threw him in there since his PP is non existent against either good EP Units or better PP Units

Ya can do what ya want with him and built him how you like, but you should look into the bigger picture besides only the build and stats without anything else

Do you know the steady breath + spiral build?

Haven’t seen it and dont have the fodder for it

Yeah, his attack and defense is high but if you’re not proccing Bonfire on player phase then you’re losing out on a lot of damage, and potential kills, because he lacks the means necessary.

Sure, against squishy ranged units he can one shot them but anyone that can actually reach decent defense his player phase potential is practically nonexistent.