My Purified Snorlax Cant Learn Superpower

Hello! New user here

So, seems like my purified Snorlax cannot learn Superpower. It has Outrage and Body Slam and I wanted Outrage + Superpower… but I just Cant!

I Spent more than 33 TMs and got nothing

Do you know if this Mon has any restriction for being purified or something?

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It can learn Superpower. I checked with an Elite TM just to make sure it was still part of the movepool for purified Snorlax. So it looks like you’re running into a case of crummy RNG. :pensive:
EDIT: Unless Niantic accidentally made the move legacy (since legacy moves can be unlocked via Elite TMs but not regular ones). Hopefully someone can confirm that a normal charge TM still unlocks Superpower.

I can confirm a standard TM will do the trick. I went past it a few times while trying to get Body Slam on mine. The problem is, as Scott’s screenshot shows, the size of Snorlax’s charge pool so you’re stuck fighting RNG right off the bat

Facing the same issue. And its not about move pool , i believe its a legit issue.

I believe it is a case of bad luck, Snorlax has 7 moves to choose from…

Even if you double move your Snorlax Superpower is only 1 out of 5 available moves… so 4 out of those 5 are wrong, if you get a bad case of bad RNG you can spend like 50 CTM’s and still not get SuperPower… your friend wil get it the first try if he is that lucky.

As @ikke says, it’s a nightmare getting the right move on some of the larger movepool’d stuff now. I remember it taking 50+ CTMs to get Grass Knot on a Roserade and that doesn’t have as many moves as Snorlax. Getting the right move on a single-moved Snorlax is 6/1 so roughly speaking, even after 60 rolls of the CTM, you’re only 10/1 chances of still not having landed it, 12/1 on a 2-moved one. Long odds, but far from impossible.

Not how probability works…

Double moved snorlax has a 1/5 chance of getting it on a TM. Which means 4/5 chance of failing. (other than when used on original return then its 5/6) but for simplicity ignoring that)

4/5^ # of tries is = probability of failing

10 tries… 10.7% chance of failing or 89.3% of success
33 tries … 0.06% chance of failing or 99.94% chance of success

The poor guy had truly aweful luck.
.4% chance of getting a perfect on raid/egg meaning your significantly more likely to get a perfect raiding then to go 33 moves without.

Heck even a random weather boosted pokemon or non-lucky best friend trade is more likely to go perfect then 33 TMs are to fail.

Luck is luck though…
Some people win lotteries…
Some people go 33 TMs without superpower…


A-Level maths broke me, it’s like one of those traumatic things your brain refuses to think about.

Let’s just say it’s shitloads of TMs and call it a draw.

Fine, you win on away goals.

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Heh it wasn’t a competition, I was just feeling sorry Jotave using 33 TMs and failing. Thats so beyond bad luck that I don’t blame him asking if it was impossible.

Maybe, in next few raids he’ll get 2 perfects… just to balance it out…

Of course if luck always balanced out… there are plenty of people due some really good or really bad luck…

It’s really harsh sometimes, I remember trying to TM stuff back in the early days when TMs were hard to come by.

It does balance out eventually, it always does. Just as long as the hundos aren’t from Espurr raids.

I’m thinking it was Gyarados, trying to get presumably hydro pump? Like you say, back when TM’s were a rarity, went through ten or fifteen of them, every single one I got went to Gary, and it was just soul crushing at that point. Twister, crunch, twister, crunch…

I stock a base level of flipping two hundred charge TM’s these days, b/c I am still scarred from those days lol…

You’ll get superpower fellow trainer, sorry for your bad luck.

I recall one of the worst ones being Dragonite, before TM’s, every dragonite I evolved had Hurricane or Hyper Beam - I think I had 4 or 5 and not one with a dragon charged move. Outrage was an elusive bastard on every one, but yes, I remember Gary was a difficult one as well.

I hover around the 100 mark for CTMs because you never know when a rocket event will come. As I’m expecting one soon I’m increasing my stock as I currently have 97 shadows still with frustration. Surely there’s one due, July I think was the last one. plus Giovanni has yet to return with whatever “mischief” he has been planning since the start of September - for this long of a wait it had better be shadow weather trio.

I think we all know it’s the Kanto birds lol… how’s that for mischief. Seems like a super villain move to me.

I’ve deleted hundreds of TMs … Usually I delete them back to 220… When I clean inventory and see 250+ I know its time to delete…

Wish items were tradible. Would be neat if in trade window there was a button that said item, and you could put item in.

Discord Chatter:
20 TM for 1 Rare XL Candy…
1 TM for 1 rare candy
30 Ultra Balls for 100 Pokeballs…

Johto Beasts would be nice but 3 more months of articuno would fit with recent precedent.