My Quest for the Noblest of Nobles

Also known as THANK YOU 4 STAR FOCUS

So as you may know, I announced that I was going to pull big time for Ferdinand. I went in with about 1170 Orbs, hoping for enough copies to +10 him. Along the way, I also wanted to pull green, as I love Annette and I’ve wanted an excuse to pull green for my last Libra. Well, roughly 630 Orbs later, success was achieved! Even got the +Res copy I wanted!

Libra is finally finished (after a freaking sea of Book 1 greens, several Raths and Pythons, and enough Rosses to make @Krazytre jealous). Zero Echidnas, by the way. You see why decided not to build her?

And I even got Annette! -Atk is unfortunate but we will make her work.

But hoo boy, the road getting there was not easy… I was soon reminded why pulling on 4 unit banners with a 3% focus sucks. As I said, I was flooded with a sea of Book 1 units, and until near the end, every single 5 Star was an off-focus pity break. That’s why the 4 Star focus was so good; each 4 Star Ferdinand was a welcome relief from the trash and my ever climbing pity rate. My peak pity rate was 5.50% Focus before Annette thankfully broke it. So who decided to crash the party along the way?

He can stay, he’s a good supporter and green cavalry are rare.

Garbage IV units that save me feathers because I’m foddering them all to Ferdinand.

And this bastard pissed me off. This shit is why I stick to 8% banners. Takumi’s stealing his bow after I harvest his flowers.

All in all, it was a rough journey, but thankfully had a happy ending. I just hope IS doesn’t decide to release Felix or Kiragi before my Orb count can recover. This also means I probably won’t be topping off my L-Tiki this month like I planned, but I at least know she’ll be back.

Now, the next journey begins: the journey of merging!


Glad it worked out for ya.