My Rebecca Currently

She almost has her full kit, I just need Soothe for Life and Death 3. I gave her Brave Bow+, from Gordin, and Desperation 3, from Shanna. This is my goal, at the moment.

Once I complete her build, I’ll be grinding to get her SP for everything. Also, I remembered that you guys thought of an attack boon for her, but I think I’ll stick with speed. This is another option.

Wish me luck on this project! I’m excited to see the end result :blush:.

(Also, tell me some build ideas that also involve Rebecca with +Spd)

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Btw, is the second build good? I’m just asking cause I came up with it a bit ago.

Also, this is without dragonflowers

You can’t really go wrong with the first build, it’s basic.

the second build, I would just say it but Klein does it better, but it works on her, why not go with double savage blow or double smoke(with def smoke in C slot)

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Why chill Atk, exactly? Is this for support for the other team mates? She doesn’t have the defenses to use Chill Atk for herself.

I thought Life & Death was used primarily on Firesweep Builds.

Now this bitch needs a refine


Reinfleche: 16 Mt, Slaying + Wo Dao effect
Refine: Flashing Blade

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@ShinxDaSphinx *14 Mt.

The powercreep is real

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I decided to do this just now… but I might as well show you guys.

I’m a little closer to the dream! I just need Soothe for Life and Death.


Also, my Rebecca, despite not having Life and Death, is doing great rn. She just killed an armored unit with 6+ Atk. Should have taken a pic…

Soothe away.

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Also, this is what I mean:

I’m hoping my investment in Rebecca is proven an even better idea, once she gets a refine. And hopefully that refine is amazing.

Also, for some reason, I’m starting to find Rebecca… attractive? Idk, but her personality is really cool too.

She’s so skilled she doesn’t even need a bowstring to fire off arrows at her victims.


:joy::rofl: Never noticed that. Lmao I’m dead. The bow wouldn’t even work xD

Luna or Moonbow? I’m deciding on giving her a special, so which one?

Moonbow is fine for me rn, but is Luna good?