My Rebecca Showcase

DISCLAIMER: My Rebecca is far from finished and has a long way to go. I’m planning on giving her FB3, as her S-skill, soon, but aside from that her build is complete. Other than that, she needs more merges and dragonflowers, then she’ll be complete. She is one of my current projects, so I will be improving on her soon, but for now, this is what I’ve got.

Rebecca, despite being a Gen 1 unit with many flaws, can be very useful. She can be built up in many ways too. With her pretty good mixed bulk and decent offensive power, she can be made in many ways. However, I’d like to show off my Rebecca build, so far, and how well she performs. This is my Rebecca showcase!

My Rebecca Build and Goals

I currently have a +2 Rebecca with a speed boon.

She is good for me, currently, but my ultimate goal is this build:

I don’t really have many merges in my Rebecca, right now, since I have no copies to merge, but with merges, she’ll stand out with this build.

Rebecca’s Strengths and Flaws

I’ll start with my Rebecca’s strengths.

  • She quads extremely often and uses Desperation pretty effectively, as she takes the damage necessary to activate it
  • She excels her best in a debuffing team
  • Even with her low attack, with my current +2 Rebecca, she can still hit hard

Those are some of the best aspects, of my Rebecca. To quickly elaborate, about the debuff team, she can do well with even just one debuffer on her team. For me, that unit is Yune.

Now onto her flaws.

  • She can’t take too many hits, with my +2 Rebecca
  • She struggles against most DC units
  • She will die quick to melee units with high attack stats

Once I complete her, some of her flaws will go away, but rn, she has some flaws that give her issues.


I’d make a big line of text about her performance, but instead I’ll post images of her taking on certain units, so this’ll be quick.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

I may make more of these about other units I have, but for now, I just do Rebecca. I got inspired off of @RoyAhoy’s unit review things to make this kind of review thing, but the next unit I do this for will have more detail with it. Thanks for reading!


Also was kind of inspired by @Sir_of_Coffee’s topic:

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I’ll never be a writer, but I thought it was cool that @RoyAhoy made the reviews. That’s why i did this. And it’s cool sharing my builds here. :blush:

I think the correct term is thicc.


Lmao :joy::rofl: I meant far. One sec…

That’s a neat Rebecca.
Honestly one of the units I tend to forget about, but yours looks neat.

A tad on the low hp side, but the double moonbow might make up for it

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Well, I already told you that but, I find her really great. I use her on GC and she was pretty fun to use, fun enough to make me want to build something like that ! I hope you could finish her soon, so you can try her at full power !

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Even though i like BB build, I’m more in favor of +atk IV :
If the unit is frail, you’ll kill her with the 2 first hit, so doubling her will be irrevelant because you’ll kill her without doubling her. And for the more bulky unit, there is few really tanky unit who have a lot of spd, so the extra atk will be the crucx for killing them (hello armored unit).

If it is for PVE content, +spd is arguably better though, because the ennemy have so much HP that you’ll need to double even the “frails” unit for killing them.