My salt level is beyond that of the Dead Sea

All those SQs and Tickets I spent, Abby and Hokusai didn’t came home :sob:
While my brother used some few tickets and got Hokusai, Shisou, and Melt.
Of course I’m happy for him, but I can’t lie that my salt level is rising.

I’m sorry if this bother anyone, I just want to vent out everything.


You can get the rate up ssr in 3 sq and you can miss them in 1200 sq. So I stopped saving. And I try to be happy with what I do get. Thanksgiving I missed Gil again, but finally got Helena, whom I’m really enjoying. Christmas I missed getting my np2 casgil, but got tama cat and altera. Didn’t really need another saber, but I do like expanding my tiny zerker class. Circe came on a random story yolo, but I missed Gil again. But gilfest is coming and I can try again then.


Oh I do wish someday I can pull SSR with just 3sq :rofl:
That’s a pretty neat pull by the way. I barely got any 3* servants let alone a decent CE from both Abby and Hokusai banner.
Good luck on gilfest! I hope you’ll get what you want :slight_smile:

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I’ve gotten jack twice as a spook with just a yolo. She likes sneaking up when you least expect her. I think they were the sliver cards that cracked gold too for extra stealth. SR’s are much more likely to be yolo rewards in my experience.

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You probably already know this, but that’s unfortunately the nature of gacha. :frowning:

Last year, there would be times when I would get literally everything in 60 quartz. There were even times I did a ticket pull and got MHXA, Sherlock, and Artoria Lancer on the first try. It felt amazing, but I knew one day I would be coming back to planet Earth. Several months later, I’d have to drop 500+ quartz just to get 1 copy of maid alter. Then several months after that, I dropped some major money to get a Shuten. I can’t say I’m out of this rut yet because my gacha pulls have been horrible the past couple of months (even my GSSR on New Years was cursed LOL). It definitely stings, but you’ll get over it eventually. Just keep playing and saving, and your luck my turnaround in a future banner. Sometimes taking a break from the game helps, too. In the mean time, I’m leveling up some of my bronze and silver servants and it’s been fun using the servants you typically don’t have in your rotation. But I certainly understand the sentiment of saving and spending only to be disappointed.


All I want to say welcome to hell…


I think we all been there and we can all relate. The gacha can be a truly cruel mistress.

Feel free to vent all you want till your heart can mend!


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It’s fine man
The gacha can be cruel
Did you ask your brother to roll for you?

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im sorry man if I make you feel any better I spend 1k quartz on musashi and didn’t even get her. I really hope you luck turn around soon cause I think you deserve better in this trash gacha game with such such terrible rates.


My hatred for this is game is deep I wish game never existed. that’s why I give this game a 1/5 star on ios store. There’s nothing game can do to make me forgive it or change my opinion of it.!!! I think that’s enough for now


This sounds like a batman villain backstory


Although I think My luck is above average. I have not yet gotten lucky on every new year banners. Musashi and Hokusai eluded me after I threw out almost everything I had. I figured the reason they made the gacha rate low is to make frustrated whales just go for GSSR for consolation. I will skip this GSSR, because I don’t want to reward DW, Hokusai is not included and they haven’t halved the gssr summon amount yet.