My Sonia is like this

10 red DF missing. I won’t have anything afterwards.

For now she’s like this I gave Veronica and Ilyana’s gun to her. And I opted for more attack. Now I don’t know whether to take Ced’s smoke pulse or not.


Yep, I feel like this is going to be the build that Sonia is going to be mostly using unless an even better inheritable tome comes along. Looks nice!

Once I +10 her, I’m going to test out some atk/def unity builds with her in AR and see how that goes.


Nice. I plan something similar, except with QR in the B slot because I am broke as hell (I got no fodder).


I almost did it. But I found a lost Kiria + speed. If you would not use it in slot B. And mystic Boost in S.

And my Takumi gave CC. What we won at the beginning of the game.