My take on the big ball of blue grail fliers

Kinda wanted to do something like I’ve done a while ago.
Take a group of units and judge them compared to the others.

So this is how I want to do it
I’ll compare the differend blue grail fliers on stats, character and aestetic.
Mind I will use the flower difference, so gen 1-3 get +5 flowers, gen 4 +0.

Every unit will get a score of offence, defence and uniqueness.
5 being an alright, though not the mid point of all units. For example since most of em have good bulk, the average bulk score is somewhat higher. It is a bit gut feeling based, meant as more as a simplified guide to my opinion of em rather than hard facts about the units.
I found it a bit needed given that no everyone is gonna want to wade through all this text for the info.

I’m also giving a build per unit at +10 to kinda show off what you can do with em.
Do excuse the massive use of Rein though. It’s just a very good standalone skill for fliers.

And yes I am gonna go focus only on the grail units, which might be a bit limited. I might make another post for the regulair fliers too, and adjust some things accordingly.

Though for now I can say that Seteth (good support prf, solid stats, great scoring) and Cordelia (Divebomb madness) are the two clearest rivals to these guys. Mostly for more offencive focussed builds.
Altena meanwhile is very close to Travant in her use, sans the fruit and grail cost.


He’s the only one on the list with a prf:
Cursed Lance
Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3. After combat, deals 6 damage to unit. If unit’s HP < 100% at start of combat, or if【Penalty】is active on foe, grants Atk/Spd/Def+5 to unit during combat and inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack during combat. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)

Offence 9/10
Defence 4/10
Uniqueness 10/10

Art 8/10
Character 8/10
Voice 9/10

Overal Valter is the first and probably the most stand out for this list. He has a refined prf, even just having one puts him on a uniqueness 10/10 spot.
His stats meanwhile aren’t impressive, gen 1 lance fliers don’t get an extra 5 flowers to catch up to gen 2/3.

If you use him, you can build around his Cursed Lance. Switching it out cuz it’s not to your taste isn’t something I’d do since it’s the only thing that makes him stand out.
But as long as the enemy is debuffed or he is damaged you’ll get the +8/8/8/3 in stats while having slayer and guard. Slayer especially opens up for some good old galeforce destruction if you give him heavy blade and slayer.

His bulk is somewhat of a weak point. I didn’t rate it too low due to his raw def, but chip damage and low res hurts him. He can survive a hit, but offence is clearly his better style.


Offence 7/10
Defence 4/10
Uniqueness 3/10

Art 7/10
Character 3/10
Voice 6/10

Going from the most Valter she’s a tad of a nosedive
Well, that’s overselling it. But Cynthia has a tad lower stats, and while Valter and D!Eldigan have lower, she’s got nothing unique to set herself appart.
Her statline is high speed, and balancedly unimpressive everything else. She doesn’t have a clear weak stat either, and spd is a fine stat to have as highest.
Biggest thing holding her back is that Sigrun is Cynthia with more res and nothing weaker.

If you were to build her, go all out on the speed. Offence, defence doesn’t matter. Speed is the game name and you’ll figure out the rest from there.


Offence 4/10
Defence 7/10
Uniqueness 6/10

Art 9/10
Character 8/10
Voice 10/10

So, if anyone is known for being shafted, it’d be the guy who was released with a better unit in the normal pool at the same time.
Well that’s sorta debatable at the moment. The big thing Altena had was her Earthly Gáe Bolg while Travant had to work with slayer or vanguard. But now we have a lot more tools to work with and Earthly Gáe Bolg doesn’t stand out as much. Add in that Travant has both a superboon is spd and def which makes him house a lot of hidden potential.
Not making him a secret hit of a character though, mind. Just not quite as shafted has he at first appeared.

Wyvern flight especially does work nicely for him. Funnily investing some stats into speed can help him be more of a tank. It’s also the one thing Galle can’t do who otherwise outmatches Travant when it comes to bulk.

It should also be noted that his massive hp pool helps him too. While overal def/res are better stats it’s important to remember hp is part of the bulk too.


Offence 7/10
Defence 6/10
Uniqueness 6/10

Art 4/10
Character 5/10
Voice 5/10

For a slightly more unique Cynthia, you might think her scores are weirdly high.
Pegasus Flight is pretty much the big giant reason for that. Sigrun’s statline is almost made for it, especially noteworthy among mergable units. And the flight skills are a lot better on merge projects than on +1 5* exclusive units.
Overal she boosts especially good speed and res. Her attack and def are not so impressive but she still fills a role as a jack of all trades.


Offence 7/10
Defence 7/10
Uniqueness 5/10

Art 9/10
Character 10/10
Voice 9/10

Hello Heath Cormag!
But yeah, it’s pretty clear the two are just about the same unit. Heath has more res, Cormag spreads that out on hp/atk/def. But in the end it matters little. Unless you ignore res on Cormag or Heath is build full on res the two will perform the same.
Personal preference for art/character should be clear by the score, but it’s all down to the taste of whom builds the two.

Main takeaway for Cormag is that he’s a good allrounder, with a focus on atk/def but he has decent spd and not that bad res. Which in turn makes him a good Wyvern Flight user. Since it also gives res, and needs spd Wyvern flight works well with units who want to get stats in all things and only needs a good base spd/def to work off.
Which Cormag has. I do still think you need to use a skill like Fury 4 or Fortress def/res for consistency, but those skills also work well on him outside of working with the flight skill.
Main thing you’re gonna get out of Cormag more than Travant is speed. Travant is better off getting just enough to function (39 is a good number), but Cormag can push it to double foes.
You don’t need to double everything under the sun, some speed demons are simply out of reach, but even getting close puts a big dent into the repel skills while keeping up the atk/def/res for himself.

This is kinda why I love flowing lance for him, it like Wyvern goes for allround atk/def/res, to really push the numbers high.


Offence 7/10
Defence 7/10
Uniqueness 5/10

Art 4/10
Character 4/10
Voice 7/10

Hi Cormag Heath

Don’t need to really say too much. He’s a slightly differend Cormag. Maybe a tiiiiny bit better but it matters not. Build which one you like most. I know who that is for me.

For builds ofc wyvern rider is one way to do it. But there are other options.
Of all the units on this list… Heath, Cormag and Sigrun are the most flexible. So going wild on skill ideas is an option.
So I’ll just drop one option here.
Spirited spear allows Heath to burst out the bonfire on a second hit as long as he doubles.
2 cd specials are an option if you want to burst specials right away, but it’s benifit is mostly limited to enemy phase. Does allow him to get through guard effects though.

Dancer Eldigan

Offence 6/10
Defence 7/10
Uniqueness 9/10

Art 10/10
Character 8/10
Voice 10/10

If we look at just the stats, he wouldn’t impress. But this man dances, which if you don’t know is a big deal in Fire Emblem. I do not rate him 10/10 in uniqueness though, since he has only a normal dance without a weapon that makes use out of it, still it’s very useful.

Eldigan is a good example of something I feel gets overlooked at times. Stacking of niches.
In Heroes, you can only take a limited amount of units on the field. And you have some jobs you want covered depending on your strategy. Dancing is something many can do, physical tanking is something many can do.
So where does that leave a unit like Eldigan?

On a pretty good spot. The big reason for this is that he stacks the two. He’s your team’s physical bait unit and dancer, and unlike offencive dancers he can do both next to eachother. That’s two things a unit like him is capable of in one spot. Allowing you to fill the rest of the spots with other types of units. Say… Fallen Lyon can bait all ranged units but can’t do crap against melee, so Eldigan can do that for him no problem.
Add in that Eldigan is a flier, that opens up some options infantry dancers don’t have. Like standing out terrain normally out of reach can really help in the right situations. Challange fights like Legendary battles really love using terrain to make your life harder.

That aside, it should be said that dance is the reason he stands out primarily. You can’t switch it out if you want him to stand out. He will overal not be quite as strong as some of the others on the list, mainly focussing on atk/def. He’s best compared to Travant, Eldigan is similair but with less hp/def.
That said, Eldigan does have the highest attack on this list with his superboon at 47 max before skills. It’s only slightly above the rest, but it should be said. So that does make him the best brave lancer among this group, slightly. Though you do want to ditch dance if you go that route so I wouldn’t do it.

I’d rather make use out of his own lance, stacking on atk, def and damage reduction so even archers will fear him.
The build is more restrictive in use than the others on the list, but Eldigan can afford to do that more. Since if a situation doesn’t call for a physical tank he can just stick to dancing.


Offence 6/10
Defence 8/10
Uniqueness 6/10

Art 9/10
Character 6/10
Voice 9/10

Comming up is the final one on our list, the final lance flier. Galle embraces the idea of slow Wyvern Riders the most. Though with current bst, going only in on atk/def would make for some hilariously lopsided stats they’ll never give to a demote Galle gets good res to compensate.
Main thing that stands out is that he has a good bit more def than Heath/Cormag, More res than Eldigan/Travant and overal one of the highest atk. Everything about his statline screams at you to ignore his speed. I personally would have liked it even lower, but as is it’s best to ignore his speed.
22 speed might seem useless, but when merged it can save him from the odd not-speed invested generic enemy you face on some GHB or Legenary hero battle.

In any case. If you make use out of Galle optimally, you can’t go with wyvern flight. Travant might be overal weaker, but his stats and extra flowers just are way more suited for a slower WF user. What you can do is bulk up. Bulk up and get that atk stat high. That last bit is important I feel. Fliers overal are at a disadvantage when it comes to tanking, the archer weakness really does a numbler on them. Luckly even for tanks there are ways to deal with it.

Reins and the recent atk/def solo seal open up a lot more mixed phase power to reach a point where not doubling on playerphase isn’t a death sentence. It might not change his main role, but it opens up more flexibility than units like him had in the past.
Add in some new spears and he should be quite a potent force indeed.

You might be shocked with QR. It’s a skill not often seen nowadays. But with the speed compentition rasing higher and higher it might not be a bad skill to use again. With the other speed focussed builds, you’re not always gonna double. With QR you will double as long as the enemy doesn’t have a skill to counter it.
In a way, QR can be more consitent when dealing with speed demons.

And that’s all of em. Hoping anyone can slog through the wall of text.
But if you want a TL;DR I’m also listing the average rating down in the tabs here:

Average unit rating

Valter 7,7

Eldigan 7,3

Galle 6,7

Sigrun 6,3
Cormag 6,3
Heath 6,3

Travant 5,7

Cyntia 4,7

Valter here scores the highest.

Personal opinion rating

Cormag 9,3
Eldigan 9,3

Travant 9

Valter 8,3

Galle 8

Sigrun 6,3

Cynthia 5,3

Heath 5

With the two winners for my personal taste being Eldigan and Cormag

And that was it.
Might do something like this again if people want, though I did it in large part for myself. Wouldn’t do it if I had no fun with it.

Leaving this last pic in spirit of the wyverns.


Always nice to see a detailed analysis like this :feh_flaynfish:
Even with so many blue fliers in the game, there’s still differences between them that allow them to fill different roles :feh_nini:


I enjoyed the review!

I find that the moral of the story is the recent inheritanble lances, wyvern and pegasus flight, and the rein skills have allowed these otherwise forgettable grail units to be usable now!


My poor Cynthia :feh_berniebulli:


Yeah skills like the lances and flight skills really shine light on the slight differences.
Also something to note is that most on the non-grail lance fliers are quite differend in statline

Mainly Seteth, Altena and Subaki come close.
Seteth is more suited to offence though, with lower def especially, but overal he remains my favorite for merge reasons. Though that also has something to do with score

@Edward_vyse sorry


I’ve been using Eldigan as a dark flying counterpart to S!Berkut + Mirabilis on my anima defense teams.

Gives mobility to the infantry nukers with Ground Orders and Guidance, can dance, can dodge Mila’s isolation, Wagasa, and is a good check against sword tanks.

I never really looked at Valter or Sigrun, so it was nice to read about them :eyes:



Great review btw. It’s nice to see it all in one place. Thanks!


I’ve been using Eldigan a lot lately, and I found a build for him that works really well. So far, at least
My Eldigan is gonna look like this, though I’m trying to get a Melady for her Wyvern Flight as we speak. He has everything else, though. Mine is currently +5/+3, also.

Between Impact and Rein, and eventually Flight, he has a solid offensive option allowing him to cover Red enenies without having to rely on another unit, while retaining his ability to support allies with his dances.


Remember Wyvern Flight uses a visible defense comparison. So to get the full -7 Atk/Def debuff, the enemy couldn’t have more than 25 defense. IMO the skill doesn’t synergize well with the ninja weapon since it lowers defense (but raises speed, which is helpful).


That rating on Cynthia :feh_elisad:

Waiting for her refine so I can finally +10 her like I wanted to back then.

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I loved the review, will you do a red grail fliers?


You made me want to build Sigrun ;; I wish i had the pegasus flight and rein needed for her to shine like she does in your build.

Great job <3


double-checks skill

Ah, damn it. It does say "before combat. Ah, well. I still want the skill for somebody.

There’s only two of em, do if I were to do it I would probably include the normal pool.

Though part of the reason for lance fliers is the unique case of there being so many similair ones. It makes telling them apart hard. Which is why I thought to male this post to help.

But I might grab another group sometime


Awesome review! I wanna build Valter now.
Here’s a lil Cormag build drop you were absolutely right about his art being amazing and the fact he uses Wyvern flight pretty well.


Thank you for this breakdown! It’s nice to have this. I thought Cormag (who I have merged) had a really interesting build, I’ll have to play around a bit with the idea of Wyvern Flight on him. (Currently looking at how to build him best - Flowing Lance+ is pretty much assured, but the rest I’m still figuring out, between Distant Counter/Guard Bearing/Rein/SpdRes Solo to Atk/Spd Solo/Guard Bearing, and now looking at Wyvern Flight. I wasn’t sure his Def would be high enough to make good use if I went all-in on Spd, but there might be a good balance. He can reach good levels in a lot of stats for different builds at max merge with investment.

Anyways, I wanted to point out that I was reading the GP Masquerade Eldigan page, and they mentioned how Deflect Magic had really good synergy with Courtly Candle, it hit me like a revelation lol. You can negate 50% on first hit, and 80% on the second hit for magic foes. It would be perfect with Distant Foil too, since not countering Magic foes gets him the max reduction. You may already know about it, just thought I’d mention it since it sounds so good on him.