My take on the strengthenings this time

Honeslty one of the most fun times in Fgo (and Feh has it as well):
When old characters get their upgrade.

I wanted to give my take on this batch and how useful it is for the servants.

Simple battery. Gives her the niche of farming strong wave quite well, which will be her main use. I do think it overal helps her a lot with her NP in general use. The NP gives charge and the skill is low cooldown with stars. Artoria overal will have an easier time to recharge her NP when she needs it again.
I think a perfect small but effective effect that does wonders for her performance, and keeps gives her a more NP focussed niche compared to the crit using Mordred and Arthur (in the future).

Solid improvement. She’s good at gaining NP, and it’s her only real source of damage so that’s nice. The crit down helps for survival (which she needs) and the better star gen up can help, since she does like to eat those stars. Especially if she can pull of an NPQQ chain.
Like Ryoma, just being a rider really helps when she wants to rely on stars. Not gonna make her top tier of the 3* I feel, but grailing her doesn’t sound like a bad option.

Probably just what she needs to not be too niche.
She’s still a situational sword, but now with debuff remove I’d say she’s an excellent lead off servant for a NP chain in boss fights. Especially with divine allies, she boosts their attack up by at least 60% if the def down hits.
Probably one of the lesser upgrades here. But neat specific use.

The big one. While I feel he does really want a specific setup (Paracelsus + Tamamo + Arts DPS) boy, does he shine there. Once you get the NP train going you’re gonna forget all about those absurd cooldowns. Arts up and NP gain stack so amazingly well, and while I love my Bride Nero, I feel the use and avalability of Paracelsus is great for anyone wanting to play with the Tamamo loop set.
It still has the guts, not to overlook that. It helps prevent your main DPS from randomly dying due to bad luck. Vlad especially where you can alternate between the two guts.

Tamamo Cat:
Neat, she won’t be screwed over that badly when using her NP.
This allows her to brave chain with it and in general not be dead weight.

Still don’t think her to be that useful, but it helps for those who want to use her.

Sasaki Kojiro:
It once more confirms to me that Sasaki is ‘only’ held back by his stats.
For damage it’s basicly the power of a double NP upgrade into one. 20% quick up on the NP on a servant with 4 quick cards… Yeah that’s really neat. Especially since it activates before the NP.
With his NP, once he gets going he can really keep the crit train going with the low skill cooldowns and high uptime on the star gather.
BUT he’s still a 1* dps. Only saved by the terrible 4* quick assassins. IF you want to use Sasaki, don’t settle for anything less than lvl 90. Not worth otherwise, since he needs the raw stats.

But you’d do that for the best dragons slayer of france, right?

OG Cu Chulainn:
Oh no they buffed the good Cu. Well this won’t drasticly change him, the extra effects are not too amazing. But he’s already a very good servant, so helping his weaker area of damage is very neat.

Not much to say honestly. More damage and sure hit. Neat.

Caster Cu:
Like Sasaki, his NP gains double damage boost. Helps since his damage needs all the help it can get.
Unlike Sasaki, his damage boost is in a card he only has 2 in (including NP). And Buster Up doesn’t do much beside up the damage.
Even assuming he’s NP5 he’s not gonna deal out numbers and looping his NP isn’t easy.

Though that said, as a simple wave clearer he’s now a tad more reliable. With a Kaleido he can burst down an assassin wave.

Am tempted to build him for some more testing though.

Makes an ally immune to debuffs for a good portion in the game.
Combined with the solid effects on her NP it makes her role more clear: Support for bossfights with nasty debuffs.
I think this is a solid help, given how some bosses can go south fast when the wrong servant gets stunned or skill/np locked.
Kinda like Stheno, niche but great in that niche.

Neat damage boost on a servant that mainly uses his NP for damage. Won’t make him amazing due to his stats (same issue as Sasaki) I really wish the drain was more consistent or the stars were like 15-20. But it’s a solid update.
Still wouldn’t use him over, say, Medusa but if you want to use Blackbeard it helps.
The 10 crit stars do help himself decently with his face cards.

Emiya Alter:
Also not complicated. More damage and a bit more reliable np charge down.
But the key here is the servant using it. Emiya Alter already stacks on massive atk buffs on himself, with good hitcounts allowing his star/np gain to shine (especially NPAA with projection) So the extra damage on his NP is very good for him.
In general it boosts his usability on an arts loop team.

NP ups value often isn’t what’s upgraded, but who.
(Moriarty when!?)

Cursed Arm:
You don’t like star gens that rely on face cards? Hassan got ya covered.
Simple really, on half your turns you get 15 stars, not a small number. In general just use this skill when Hassan has little cards or you want someone else to shine. Especially nice to have someone arts crit then use the next turn for their NP.

I kinda like how the two low rarity star gens are taking differend paths. Hassan is all focusses more on being a king of consistend star gen, including his survivability.
Fuuma meanwhile doesn’t boost the star gen, but instead learns all kinds of supportive tricks on the side

What do you mean, Skadi isn’t his personal rank up?
Honestly I refuse to believe Skadi and his NP upgrade happening together was a coincidence.

Farm strats aside, Dantes will produce big giant numbers with this NP. Clearing waves like a pro.
If he has the right support ofc. It just gives him a nice bump up to say ‘use this with that shiny new caster’ And I do believe there’s merrit in running him outside farm strat. sure would wish I could test that


This was the only rank up quest i was looking forward too.


What did you say about the best Tamamo!?


Oh god, I started a civil war here


All I’m wondering is where’s Ushi’s rankup Quest? :thinking: I thought it was also with this batch.

Happy for Medusa’s upgrade though, she’s already a big help so more power is never a bad thing. Gotta start on Paracelsus soon too.

I think right now we are just at the protest stages of disagreement.


Seems like DW really loved Dantes during that time, they gave him an NP upgrade on top of everything and then arguably the best summer costume 1 month later, this is amazing lol

I just maxed his skills today and despite my still weak Skadi he can already 3T loop some LB2 farming nodes so i can’t wait for his NP to do even more damage.


I do wonder how he stacks up in non-farming fights. The tougher battles.
Since I have neither Skadi or Dantes I can’t test it, but I find it hard to believe that both are purely for farming.


Since I don’t have Nero Bride (yet) Paracelsus having the NP gain buff is great for me doing Arts loops with my Tamamo. I’ll just borrow someone else’s Nero Bride and I’ll be ready to meme on both Quick and Arts.

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Can’t believe such heretics are still alive in this modern age. All Tamamos we get are best Tamamos.


Skadi of course isn’t purely for farming.

Dantes isn’t necessarily, either, but he doesn’t really shine outside of farm and DSS CQ memes. Avengers are a tough sell without a powerfully self-sufficient and synergistic kit, which Dantes lacks (his synergy with Skadi is what makes him great now, not any shift of his own).

Consider Jalter, who has a fantastic kit for supporting her specialty, and the fact that even she falls increasingly behind. Dantes is pretty firmly stuck in the farm/DSS role except for players who deliberately try to accommodate him further out of love.


They need to make more Tamamo classes …Archer, saber, rider, avenger , ruler, etc.


Re: Cu, Kojiro & Cat in particular

Kojiro: I would go one step further and say go to 100. 90 is not enough I feel. He has 9k atk at 100 For comparisons sake Wu at 80 has 9K attack. But his kit is probably the best for an assassin that’s not a 5* so if you like him he is more than worth it.

Cat: The sad thing about it is had she been DSS compatible she would shoot up so much due to her tankiness would have made her super viable in AOE CQ’s and high hp farming nodes as her NP hits so much harder than lancelots.

Cu the immortal: This I feel is actually a big deal. Cu had potato damage on his np. But this could be forgiven early on due to his survivability. But as break bars and boss hp values increased and more boss battles having buff removal mechanics he has lost some value in my eyes. Having an np that actually hurts makes him top of the heap again for the 3*'s. He fell behind Jaguar man in my eyes because while you give up some survivability you end fights sooner

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We must get the Tamamo Nine!


For me personally, Paracelsus is the biggest boon.

Sieg, at 10/1/10, Tamamo, at 10/10/10, with her bond CE and Paracelsus, at 6/1/6, can loop against Assassins and 3 turn Yaga Moscow.

Considering Paracelsus has neither of his support skills maxed and before i needed two Tamamos with Bond CE this is fantastic. When i get him to 6/10/10 this type of team will be extremely smooth with the added benefit of not being Mystic Code reliant, i can use 2004 for damage, Artic for leveling, Tropical Summer when it comes out or just plugsuit to bring a Friend’s Bride in and let Sieg loop even easier.


It’s also not really that hard either, he has a 30% NP charge and three Arts cards.

And they’re two of my favorite servants, both for character and gameplay.

He needs to watch where his hands are going in that picture, wasn’t Mercedes his one true love?

It was in this batch, I guess @Sir_of_Coffee forgot about it. Don’t ignore Ushiwakamaru, otherwise she brings you demon heads to try to earn headpats.

Personally I’m thinking of going the level 90 with gold fous route, that way he gets to 10k attack and I save 5 grails.


You’d think, but it isn’t in the game either yet I unless I’m missing something. Was why I was asking.

She does fine without it I guess.

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Her strengthening arrives last along with Dantes’ strengthening. We’re going into day 4 of the strengthenings (the Cu NP upgrades), so another 3 days until we get Ushiwakamaru’s.

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Oh aight that’s cool. My bad then.

Cheers for the info.


Sasaki would be broken if he has 5* stats. So strong that Jack would look like 3* next to him. The only way to nerf him is to give him 1* stats.

Okay that sentence was full of my personal bias towards Koujirou.