My thoughts after playing more than a month

This is gonna be a long story, but bear with me cause it’s my first actual post about games that I played.

I dont usually stick to mobile games too long. Either I got bored because of excessive unnecessary grinding or p2w style (looking at you Epic7) or I already achieved much of the stuff in the game, eg: Battle Cats. So when I got to try Arknights, I was hooked immediately. TD style with more elements than battlecats, not to mention cute Waifus available in there, what am I waiting for? Sign me up.

Early game was pretty rough for me. I rerolled more than 20 times during the banner of Magallan/Eyja as I was trying to get Eyja as my waifu but still fail to get any, so I stick with my original first account which had Hoshi and Magallan in it. It was fine until I get into chapter 3 and annihilation 2, where things get pretty rough due to my lack of proper roster and I dont really look into guides, so everything has extremely tight timing since the only pass in my book is 3 star pass HAHA.

Decided to splurge abit of my orundum during the Hellagur/Angelina so I can get Angelina as my only caster is Amiya but I failed and get Hellagur instead. It probably helped me quite a bit during the TW event, but he is not an operator you can fully utilize without E2ing him since he need that for survivability . But I got Myrtle. MULTIPLES of her. This is my first breakthrough. No longer do I have to pray my Courier/Hoshi survive fast enough to deploy others to start rolling. Decided to break my piggybank of certs and bought myself a Ptilopsis even though I wanted Angelina so badly. Game was faster and better, but I still lack a dedicated attacker. 4 10 HH only got me Hellagur and I was pretty sad during that time tbh.

Fast forward to last week, my Gf helped me to HH for one since I have only enough for one. Behold, I got SilverAsh as my first HH. I was screaming with joy. Had enough sanity potions and was lucky to have almost all the materials to E2 plus the LMD from the event, my first E2 is finally here in a day. He MADE THE GAME TOO EASY. His 3rd skill basically is my panic button to win. But I cant complain cause I know later content will be even harder.

@BadWolfVindici gave me a sound advice to save for W, but the temptation to pull Exu was too strong. I ended up getting Platinum as well as Greythroat from the previous banner. Not sure if I should continue pulling and just focus on them instead, but I dont really care at this point. This game is just too addictive for me. Right amount of grinding and difficulty and certainly not p2w is a huge plus in my book. Everything you do feel like you are achieving something which is important for me to continue. Seeing as I only focus one thing at a time, I chose AK over E7 after playing both of them together.

I know this might be some lame story, but I really want to share how I felt this game. TLDR, I love this game.


Glad to see you’re enjoying the game!
I’m the same way that I usually lose interest in mobile games pretty quickly, but this one has kept me hooked since February. I’ve even bought the monthly pass a couple of times as a way to support the game and get a little bit of extra fun in, without being crazy expensive like some other games try to do. And while some people complain about the pace of events being too fast to either material grind to power up other operators or get enough orundum to do lots of rolls, I love that I’m not stuck waiting weeks at a time to be able to do anything new–I get sick of grinds pretty fast.

Assuming you decide to stick around for a good long while, it can be fun to mix up your established strategies once you’ve built up a good range of operators. For my example, my first month got me set in some specific ways–in my first month I had Hoshiguma, Nearl, Silence, Ptilopsis, Shining, Skyfire and Eyjafjalla. This meant I had some of the most powerful defenders, medics and casters in the game, and very little else (by weird luck it took me about four months to get any Vanguards more than 4 stars, when I splurged and bought Siege. I still haven’t pulled any other 5 or 6 star ones to this day). This got me pretty set in a strategy of “block them with defenders, blow them up with casters.” Now I’m challenging myself to do things using operators I’m not used to, and have found a few operators I really love that I probably wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise (Estelle, Indra, Podenco, Manticore and Bibeak are some of my new faves). Also made a personal restriction that I do not use Silverash for anything that doesn’t have recommended operator levels above E2:20 (or high-risk CC)–he does make things too easy, so I try to avoid relying on him too much.

Hey! It’s great that you’re loving the game.

I’m also quite driven off by p2w and super grindy games, and most of the gatcha games I have played in the past shared these problems, so when I first started Arknights in March, I honestly didn’t expect much from it. However, it really took me by surprise because of how engaging it was. I love the diversity the game offers you through the roosters and the maps, that you can clear a stage in so many different ways. I like the game so much that I created a second account in June just to raise non-meta operators to have fun with. Although I can’t always finish the events there compares to my main account, I still find it extremely fun.

Also, one other thing which I now feel glad for was I didn’t manage to pull either Eyja, Angie, and especially SA back then. I do have the first 2 now through the shop, but I still don’t own SA. Without those operators, I was forced to be more detailed and creative with my strategies, and it really does pay off in the term of satisfaction. I only borrowed SA once for this CC since I just wanted to finish it fast and move on to my second account. Not having him actually helped me to enjoy the game to the fullest most of the time, strangely xD

And I fully support you, bro. 20 reroll is peanuts though (evil laugh). I only came across this game because I was searching for a TD game in PlayStore, and lo and behold: strategy, waifu, gatcha, not-P2W – I’m sold! Played the first day without checking any guides and got Shining and Chen from beginners’ pool. Learned about GP on the next day and learned about reroll options–and my high time begun. I spent over a week just rerolling for an account with SA and Exu as starters. Finally got it after god knows how many attempts. Eventually cleared the story stages using that account. Reminisced my first account and log back in to it and got Eyja there, someone my SA/Exu account is lacking. I was torn. Decided to play both accounts, and eventually got Exu, SA and Saria on my original account–and now it’s my main! Lots of lots of reroll only to end up on the very first account I created, oh the irony! So you’re good, fam. You’ll eventually get the operators you’re aiming for…eventually. Though I wouldn’t give up on rerolling just for the thrill of it. Just waiting for WWE banner and Sutr banner and I’m gonna flood AK again with guest accounts in my attempts to get W and Sutr. Yostar, if you read this, better give em both to my main account; It would be easier for the both of us that way (evil laugh one more time)


This is the beauty of this game: there are several ways for you to clear it. I too am planning to build another team once I’m done with my dream team. My playstyle is to use 5-stars and 6-stars only, which actually posses some challenges at times (DP management and early game rush). My next team would be a Summoner-centric squad with lower rarity operators as supporting units. Melantha will sure be happy by that time.

As someone who rerolled countless times just to get an SA/Exu starter, I am amazed each time I see a clear without using him (and other meta units). That’s why I love watching Kyo and Ecko clears. As an SA-starter though, I won’t say that he’s too great as a starting unit. In fact, I had lots of issues using him at start. For one, he’s not really stunning prior to his E2, and E2 is not something you can afford at the start of the game. I’d rather use casters and snipers as DPS instead of using him for that role prior E2. His S3 is nice, but takes time to load up, has very long cool down and makes him very vulnerable. I’d say people who says he makes the game too easy are those people who don’t own him early on. Coz beginners who had him at the start will say that he’s not beginner friendly and does not make the game easier at all.

It is true that SA is not a very good starting unit, but I think that applies also to many 6* because they require E2 to reach their full potentials. It’s good imo because by making them like that, you’d have a more balanced start, not like some games where the boosted 6* wipes everything on the early maps. All of my Arknights friends in real life who own SA from the start did tell me that he made the game easier for them, so I think this is more of a personal perspective. It could also because they were more forcusing on farming rather than clearing later maps, so their SA could be already at E2 when they reach chapter 5 and such.

I think when people talk about him making the game easier, they’re mostly referring to harder contents and maps where SA could really make a difference. His S3 serves as a helicop, and at M3 you don’t even have to wait long to use his skill after you deployed him. Most maps usually have 1 or 2 pressure waves that you need to deal with, and that’s why SA is ideal, and his talent is the perfect bonus for it. It’d be broken if he has a short CD with such a skill anw, so that’s a given.

My personal experience with SA at E1 was pretty interesting as well, because he is a surprisingly durable tank with S2. It was on my friend’s account when he came over and we played together during the summer event. We tested out many strategies with SA and he was a whole lot of fun. With his S3 was in the lastest CC where I was struggling for some hours with risk 18 until I finally decided to borrow SA from a friend since I was tired that day, and I instantly passed it without any further trouble.

I have nothing against SA lol. I still try to pull for him but he just hates me. It’s frustrating when you’re just 1 husbando away from making a husbando squad. xD

Yeah, I am that kind of player when I hit a roadblock, instead of trying to progress, I keep farming non stop. I happened to be lucky with pulling sa om first try and managed to e2 in a day time. Anni 2 used to have strict timing for my squad since I was lacking dps and my dps was too squishy, so my tank ended up dying before my dps could finish it or either the casters sniped my dps away. With sa e2 I just press a button and voila, threat eliminated. Master wraith? Bye bye when my sa open his skill. He makes timing a lot less stricter, and give u a lot of ways to be creative without taking a huge risk