My Togekiss IVs - worth playing in PC?

Hey guys,

I’ve always wondered if IVs made a HUGE difference for PVP. From experience and what I’ve heard now, apparently they do. But I was wondering if my "soon to be " Togekiss is playable for the Preimier Cup? Love to hear your input. Also, does anyone know when the PC starts? I’m hearing soon.

In all leagues IVs are not the first thing you need to focus on. A good team composition, knowing what each type is weak to and resists, and knowing when you don’t need to use a shield are far more important.

IVs typically help the more even matchups, including the mirror. If you put it up against things that it’s normally good or bad against, it will continue to be that. Compared to the ideal 100% Togekiss, your one will lose a couple of matches against the core meta.

The IVs are a bit low for my liking, particularly because this is something that will need to be maxed out, and ideally double moved, to be viable. That said, sometimes we have to make do with what we have, and it will perform well enough - just don’t necessarily expect to excel.

Yeah, just as bad as my Melmetal. The fact is that I CAN’T find ANYONE better than this.

I agree with the other posters. Ivs are not the be all end all of PvP.

That being said you’re pushing it a bit. You likely won’t ever see a togekiss that you win cmps against (Depending on your rank) and any very close matchup you can pretty well rest assured you’ll loose.

You’ll just have to weigh That and the heavy investment against having something to play in PC. If youve got a bunch of other stuff it might prudent to wait. Togetic comes up fairly often in 4* raids and I had heard talk of it being at go fest. Plus plenty of players have togepis sitting around you could trade for.

Agreed with the others.

For me, I mainly avoid maxing out Pokemon under 98% with the fear I will find a better one the next day

Good to know guys thanks for your input! I think I will wait. I barely encounter any Togepis/Togetics so I was going to rush to evolve this one, but I think I will wait.

According to pvpoke (PC) Togekiss is ranked #1 so I thought I would invest in one.

True, when I was a lower level in the last season, I had to run a terrible IV Leafeon, CP 1958, best pick out of all my other 3rd Pokes at the time, performed quite well.