My Tsuruno Needs Help

My Tsuruno is almost ready to be awakened, but I can’t seem to find the “Commoner’s Horse Wheel” that I need anywhere. It’s not in any of the shops and I have already completed all of the main story that is available so far and the first two chapters of Tsuruno’s character story as well as playing the labyrinths and special events several times but none of the enemies dropped it.

So I was wondering if anyone knew which enemy dropped it? Or how to get it?

Also side note; is there any way to increase the number of treasure boxes that the enemies drop or is it just random? (I know there’s the Memoria for Ren’s event, but I mean in normal matches.)

i mean, the short answer is just, buying them from the mirror shop, but since i doubt anyone is gonna do that
it says here the highest
drop for it is main story chapter 3, ep 7 battle 3
so just keep repeating that and it’ll drop… evantually
welcome to gacha grinding

cant really increase treasure boxes drop, if they drop, they drop
if they dont ,they dont

welcome to gacha grinding

Thanks for the link!
I was looking for a guide like that everywhere. The best info I could find on the game was on this site but even here there isn’t really much on the enemies/what they drop. (I guess I wasn’t looking hard enough…:confounded:) It’s a shame that they drop randomly though, I was hoping there was a trick to it that I hadn’t figured out yet.

there isnt, welcome to mobage grinding =/
at least you arent playing fgo

come join the fgo gacha hell

Finally! It took long enough; I managed to have a wheel drop awhile ago, but it took me longer than it should’ve to get all the stupid horns.

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