My unintentional Caeda merge

I want to max out Charlotte, but I got an extra 3 Caedas on the way. My first one was -Atk, but I was able to fix that and now she’s also +3.

May as well use her:

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Woah, your pfp no longer looks invisible in dark mode

It never did.

Bladetome… Wasn’t expecting you to use that to be honest.

Ok, but it’s not even the + version

Why. I never advocated against it… and it’s not like it doesn’t make sense when you have sub 30 Atk or so. Same thing with Blucina. It’s also not stuff like Henry, Sophia or Boey that can at least work a CC set really well (of which I don’t have either). She’s +Def, though.

True, but Nogi… I mean Pizza guy tends to be adament about things as far as not using.


But you advocated against Distant Counter for quite a long time. Surprising is all.

Yeah, because it everyone was slapping into it without any creativity or anything to work well with it. Stuff changed a lot with the refines and seal upgrades. It also helped a lot when I used it on my Libra and he basically solo’d Takumi Infernal.

Like I would the most OCD cringe seeing that stuff on normal Azura back in the day. She can’t even take a hit without proper upgrades.