My Waifu Tier list, how is yours?

I only used servants that are currently aviable on NA or ar about to be, who is best girl for you?
(Sorry for my broken english)
BTW I like crazy

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Hate to break it to you, but Astolfo isn’t anyone’s waifu. You got some sausage in your gravy, there.




All my favorite girls deserve the best, and there’s no competing in this Chaldea, nor tiering among them.

Okay there’re internals tiers but that sounds like too much effort.


I’d have to own an oil field to make a waifu list that big.

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So Medea Lily, Helena, and Mary Reed aren’t in your FBI list huh?



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Isn’t Helena actually an old lady? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but that is true about every servant in FGO.

I mean Jack the Ripper would easily be over 100 years old…


Mary similarly, is in fact, an outright adult - just babyfaced, petite, and drawn outrageously small by the official artist (which is further compounded and contrasted by how exaggerated I-IV draws Bonny). Her Halloween art is a better representation, IMO.

I’d contest that as irrelevant in the face of Assassin Jack forming with the psychology of a young child.

Lily too may be historically older than all of us, but Medea (Lily) is still her from her early teen years, and shows the (lack of) maturity of one.


Tamamo lancer
Nitocris Assassin
Kiyohime lancer

The holy Trinity. Nothing more to say.

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I mean in the sense that Helena’s mental age is supposed to be that of her older self IIRC.

Jack is a humanoid abomination that happens to look like a young girl.


im willing to go to jail for lily and helena, xd Mary Reed its only 50% loly I stick with the grown up e.e

3 Umus all in different tiers. Colour me confused :fgo_grampsnani:


From 8.5 to 4.5 its the heaven for me

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The best is that I manage to get the three summer version but only none of they regular version :frowning: (kiyohime is 3* so its implied that i have her xd)

I went by looks, Summer version its hot af, regular the dress its ok, and bride I dont like the dress at all xd
summer its not waifu tier only because im not fan of her as a character

Oh? Usually I don’t take the time to create a waifu tiers list since I don’t like bothersome things.

I forgot to put anastasia in the SS row and I am just lazy to redo it.

Also my attachement to servants is limited because I have skipped all the cutscenes until now.


So you like NTR (shiki and tamamo) ok no xd, tbh the one in trash tier its the only SSR I would burn, useless in gameplay and ugly af

the same, I did mine during a class, it was “creativity and human development” so nothing important

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