MY Would you Rather Poll Game!


  • So here is how we will work this any topic goes as long as it is CIVIL.

  • A question will be put up for an hour at a time. Them we will ask Discobot to roll 1d25 to choose the next person. The person who made the last poll makes the roll.

  • As we get more people that want to play we will have to increase the die size and hand out more numbers.

  • If Discobot rolls a number no one has we reroll.

  • Anyone who wants to take part please @ me or any of the Mods or a regular (since this is a wiki) and ask them to do what is writen just below.

  • If you have the ability to edit posts and I am not on please add new members to the hiden list below with their corisponding number thank you.


Build_Questions. 1
Salt_Guardian_Leaf. 2
SweetiePie. 3
sawtuis. 4
Venatorio. 5
Banraku. 6
ShinxDaSphinx. 7
Greninya. 8
Someone_Person. 9
Sir_of_Coffee. 10
Kepic_Z_R. 11
KJSlacker. 12
Holdvar. 13
Valstrax. 14
Bow-of-Sacae. 15
Thehalohedgehog. 16
MilkMan. 17
DivineFieryCelica. 18
Hrafn. 19
Hujiba. 20
bluebell. 21

@Build_Questions. 1
@Salt_Guardian_Leaf. 2
@SweetiePie. 3
@sawtuis. 4
@Venatorio. 5
@Banraku. 6
@ShinxDaSphinx. 7
@Greninya. 8
@Someone_Person. 9
@Sir_of_Coffee. 10

@Kepic_Z_R. 11
@KJSlacker. 12
@Holdvar. 13
@Valstrax. 14
@Bow-of-Sacae. 15
@Thehalohedgehog. 16
@MilkMan. 17
@DivineFieryCelica. 18
@Hrafn. 19
@Hujiba. 20

@bluebell. 21

Why was I summoned?

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I’m in!!!



Ugh i summoned a 3* Sphinx-da-Shinx


Even a 5* would still be trash.


I will start!
Would you rather

  • Be pity broken on a seasonal banner by a unit you missed.
  • Be pity broken by an other unit on the banner with the good fodder.

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Formatting… gone wrong? :feh_maethink:

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it didn’t work O/////O


:feh_notlikethis: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :feh_notlikethis:

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BTW the person that made the last poll make discobot roll

… that means… you?

Let’s go. ― Reinhardt

IMPUSLE has informed me that this thread is now a wiki so regulars can edit the post too!

I hate all of you. ― Banraku