My WU profile page. <3


I have no clue, how posting on this website works. And obviously, I am going about it, so very wrong. But I wanted to share for the people that have added me through the WU friends list thread, and for the people I’ve added as well. I always try and peruse new friends and see their achievements, houses, wands, etc. that’s exciting for me. I love learning that about other people. It takes a lot to make yourself a metaphorical wand for the Harry Potter-go world, and to get out there and be like, “yup that’s me.” So I love that. and I can only see miles walked/or kilometers, but nothing else. Which is a little weird so I thought if you’re my friend in the game, this is my entire work i’ve put in for the game so far. I did take almost a month off because I had pneumonia( which you can get during the summer and that sucks) lol :). I don’t mean to be too forward, I came from a very guild like orientation with gaming before so if you don’t want to share, don’t share. If you do, then please do share. I wanted to share. It makes me happy. I think everyone here in this entire community is awesome. I won’t be inappropriate but I like being able to express myself, here. Because it’s like random hour long blurts every three months. But, always well intentioned <3 . Ty! <3 <3


Here is mine!!! I am so glad you want to share with the community! And I look forward to getting to know you better :blush: here in the next week or so there will be some awesome community changes I’ll be implementing and I hope you enjoy them!!! If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know if love to hear from you!

Hello there, Zillamander here from Indonesia. Also Ravenclaw :laughing:

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