Myrtle or Elysium

So, CC#3 is coming up and I have a full pot Myrtle and full pot Elysium. Now, I can only E2 one of them. Which one, if either, should I E2?

Are you also going to do masteries? There’s no point rushing either of their promotions unless you do.

Generally speaking, Elysium’s S1 provides more DP overall but Myrtle provides the first helping faster so in scenarios where you only bring one of them, it depends on how fast you need that first helping of DP.

As for CC#3 specifically, that probably depends on what setup you’re planning to run. An SL7 Elysium might not be able to provide the DP necessary in time to drop Mudrock onto the left lane but that is just a conjecture of mine based on the clears I’ve seen since I don’t play on the CN server.

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Also depending on the map, Myrtle’s passive 25/second healing for Vanguards might help you out by delaying how long you can last without a Medic (esp. if the Vanguard is naturally tankier like Courier or Zima).

That was the main reason I decided on her over Elysium.

I recommend Elysium, as you can leverage both his S1 AND S2 for CC. His S2 is immensely useful in daily stages.

In just about all instances including cc3 there’s an easy formula for the myrtle vs Elysium debate. Luckily if your dumb like me the formula is only one question Is your team Vanguard heavy or Sniper heavy? If yes to the Vanguard then myrtle is for you if yes to the Sniper then Elysium is your guy and if the answer is neither well then I’d recommend elysium still. he may cost 1 or 2 sp more to activate his skills but he makes up for it in the extra dp regenerated or his nice bonus buff and debuff in s2 where he can boost any snipers you do haves damage output for longer but also slow enemies and take down a chunk of their defense really helping you in both crowdcontrol or making tough enemies more squishy.

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