Mysterious Heroine X is the Artoria Pendragon of the Serventverse Right?

Also how does she travel between the 2 Universes?
To top that off why does she hate Sabers so much? I mean I can’t stand fighting them since my favorite Servent is an Alter Ego, but she has stated she wants to kill all of them.

Read and learn


What? No of course she isn’t, what give you that wild idea?
now to summarize, MHX first appeared on a little joke VN for April fools, on this one the group of secondary/overshadowed heroines join together to the defeat the 12 Heroine on a parody of Saint Seiya (or something like that), she hates Nero for stealling her face and she end her using excalibur


I believe the story is that she is something like a clone but is not the “original”. It is worth noting that she is DEFINITELY a separate entity, as she converses with (and fights) the standard Artoria in one of her interludes. Personally, my interpretation of the lore of her story was that she was developed and grown to be used as a weapon (think X-23 or Mewtwo). On a related matter, I believe her Alter form has a similar backstory; though hers is a bit more concrete as we know she was groomed to be a member of the Dark R.O.U.N.D.S.