Mystery and Justice falls at London's Night - Lady Reines Case Files Roll Thread

We’re back yet again in the streets of London but unlike last time, we’re having more…civilized company (or so they would have you believe).

Our detective in this adventure will be a very smug girl and her T-1000-looking maid.

Lady Reines

Can’t forget about Justice, even in the dirty streets of London

Lady Justice, Astraea

Can’t also forget about the Nameless Asassin and the Machine before his time.

Emiya "Too Old for this Shit" Assassin

Charles "I'm not a Gundam" Babbage

Good luck for every one rolling, now if you excuse me…

I'm trying to get my head crushed by a pair of thighs.


Lord El-Melloi II Case Files - Episode 6 - Trimmau Gray Applaud Luvia


The Case Files anime was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to this event.

Astraea is one of my big targets this year (Luvia may well be my favourite Fate side-character) probably won’t NP5 this time as I’m still recovering from Kama :fgo_kamalewd: but there will be future banners.

And if wrong luck cares to pay me a visit then I sure won’t complain either :fgo_reinesoh:

Good luck to everyone rolling :fgo_ohoho:


Good luck everyone rolling for either of them!

I’m not commiting that much Quartz to this banner, as my Snake Doctor could be a bit costly due to his Story Locked status, but i’ll try for Reines and Luvia being on rate up is a nice bonus.


I need a 4* ticket. I don’t want to risk gacha, but I get the bad feeling I have to. Hope everyone gets what they want


good bait banner

Rate-up has been a lie more times than I could take, so I have not spent a single quartz or ticket (except for NY GSSR) since November. And I am still saving until the anniversary but I got 112 tickets, and a multi cuz why not, reserved for this banner. I expect nothing and I will most likely get nothing, but I’m gonna try nonetheless!
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files - Episode 6 - Luvia Hair Flip



That’s the spirit.

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I can only spare a few multis too since i’m still recuperating from Kama, i hope i can get a Luvia and the event CEs. I’m mostly excited about the event itself and the welfare this time around though, the banner is secondary.

Of course Reines would be very welcome so i could have these three in my Chaldea

And good luck to all rolling on this banner, whenever it is!


You could wait until the Class-summoning and roll on Extra. That’s probably the best hope.

So far, this year, I have e rank luck. Only new servant at all was melt a while back (gssr ). I need a guarantee
Also, she has a solo rateup in December

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Good luck everyone rolling, hope you have the best results! I sadly cannot roll but I foolishly hope Astraea will spook me someday :fgo_ereshhug:

Also nice thread @Tha_One hecho en la patria :fgo_ohoho:





I’m not gonna wish anyone luck

I’m going for Astraea and I have no shame


I started watching the Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Rail Zeppelin Grace Note anime again a week ago while waiting for this event. It has been almost a year since the last time I have watched it.
It’s always good to find new/missed things and understand better when watching it more than once/than the first time.


Good luck to everyone rolling for Reines or/and Astraea~!

Hope everyone rolling in this banner will end up happy;



Really hoping to get astrea because everything about her is great for me but knowing my luck i will only get babbage or some random 4 star servant. Good luck to everyone else thats gonna roll.


I am going to roll for Astraea, so get ready for NP0 Astraea and NP 11 Reines.


I am here for this snazzy as hell cavalry uniform, 300SQ to start.

Also, spook adoptive brother here

Yes, all from general pool + cavalry-class GSSR, spoils of a dumb whale

Needs torment


Blessed rolls and a fun raid event to us all!


Amazing stuff and solid Thread. :feh_ceciliaculture:

I’ve been saving for this banner for a good while now. Of the 1.6k effective SQ I have at the moment 600-750 will be heading here. I’m hoping for the best Astraea NP levels that I can get in that amount. Luvia is a pretty bombastic and lively character overall and this manifestation of her infused with Astraea only makes her hit more checkboxes on my list given my interest in the Greek mythos. Her NP Suplex is probably one of the best parts about her too. If this rolls go well, I’ll be raiding Barbatos with her for Unlimited Suplex Works that day.

Definitely looking forward to this banner. It’s been a long wait.
Now, let the match begin! :fgo_ohoho: :women_wrestling:


Counter-Tsundere SuplEX


I’ll also take any Smug ladies that stop by. The case files anime was pretty solid all in all which has made me appreciate everyone in this event, including Reines. :fgo_reinesoh:


I wish you the best luck~!

Luvia throw

Unlimited Suplex Works soon! OOOOOHOHOHOHOHO!

Luvia suplex