Mystery and Justice falls at London's Night - Lady Reines Case Files Roll Thread

gray is a guarantee, provided you do enough of the event

That’s true. Wasn’t counting welfares although these events with welfares are all rp fodder, since I was around for their og run

yeah, I was gonna say something about not even getting any new welfares, then I realized gray is this year’s first actually new welfare

Bait banner that you’re gonna throw a pack or 2 at

I’m actually likely gonna not

at least for now

Ok wow, who gave Babbage permission to look that boss?


Do note that rolls increase to 11 per 30 SQ after this year’s anniversary. Tickets too.
So, it is probably wiser to roll for reines during next year’s rerun.
Rolling this year is a sort of ‘waste’ of SQ.
She will only be a 50% charger next year anyway.

She is right before castoria. That rerun banner of hers is the easiest skip ever aside from bait/class banners, like “limited ce only” or “aoe + summer only”, thanks to our clairvoyance EX.

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Assuming that her event gets a rerun, since almost all of them do (sorry, Santa Quetz), rolling this year makes some sense in terms of having a few event CEs we can use twice.


To be fair, I am just talking purely from the point of 30 SQ becoming 11 rolls.
That is all.
I do not take any servants coming out in the future into account whether castoria or any other servant.
It is purely about more rolls per SQ which is in July/August 2021 thereabout.


It’s true that stuff will be worth more later but then it’s later, so you have to balance added base value with time discounting.

Personally, I threw a 10-roll at Waver just now, strictly on the off-chance because he’s such high value, but my remaining 400-odd quartz are getting saved for this banner. Interestingly, with Waver and Reines being so similar in many respects, it’s actually the presence of Astraea as a significant secondary target that’s keeping me honest from now until then.


ah nuts I wanted to do this thread

I won’t be using any quartz here, but I’ll be handing over any tickets I have during the event and hoping for the best. Not expecting much, but hoping.


Because of the current rules I don’t think you could have since you did write up the last one if remember well, but the next one you could.

Also, about the talk of rolling after Anni because of the 11th rolls and all, that is significant but it should take a tad bit more, I think, to actually hold off on rolling. If it’s an SSR you also get the raised 0.8% in there so that’s better, but I’d also consider the different SR and CEs on rate up. That’s what in addition to the other things, made me wait for SWII on X-Alter rather than rolling on the last download campaign for which I had all CEs MLBd. For SWII, It’s all new (event) CEs and Yagyou + better chances for the rate up servant. But it’s ultimately a choice since you do have to wait longer in all these cases. :fgo_huh:

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I thought that since someone did the Waver and Alexander pre-campaign thread, this one would be “open” in a way

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I did the last roll thread

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Oh, I see. Also, thanks Kayo. Yes, this would have been available then. I guess that aside, who are you gunning for on this event, or is the interest mostly for Gray? She’s a good welfare and know a few peeps who’ll be grailing her. Should be fun to use with damage bonus on top.

Edit: another thing is, we also need a Gray emoji since we have :fgo_wavermanic: :fgo_ohoho: :fgo_reinesoh:.

I was thinking of making the roll thread because I had an intro idea that might have turned out really funny. Not really a “big” fan of either the smug loli or the ‘ohohoho’ archetypes, but I guess Reines and Luvia grew on me a little. So surprisingly, despite not being a big fan, I’m rolling a little for Reines (and event CEs) . how about you?

if only Gray had at least a 30% NP charge that scaled but oh well

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Um, I see. I did like the dialogues you had going on for Guda 3. That was fun and unique. I’m gunning for Luvia here, but Reines is also welcomed to come. That’s by far a result of character appreciation, but also a little from their interesting niches gameplay wise. To this day I still have no summon-acquired or for that matter ST Arts rulers in my Chaldea and Reines has some pretty distinct defensive capabilities in NP and Skills, among other things.

I also have the mats and QP to instant Max then both. Gray I still have to determine, but she’ll get raised for sure. I’ve been looking forward to this event a lot. Hopefully it has the same golden feel as the Case File anime/manga.

Yeah, Astraea and QSH are the only offensive Arts rulers. I should try the manga soon enough

good luck to you

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