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Eh I’m fine, not like I’m spending money that I don’t have or anything like that. Am I spending a lot on the game, sure but thats just my gambling addiction to the game but I’ll never go as far to spend more than I have. Did the Thorr banner hit me hard yah thats for sure, and what made it a million times worse was IS announcing Feh Sparks after the banner was over, if they had announced before their was no way I would have spent that much on it, maybe until I got my 3 Dagr’s that I needed to +10 but that’s as far as I would have gone.

When it comes to money, I’ll always have some to get me by until my next paycheck, $20 being the lowest I get from tips every night may not sound like a lot, but it adds up when I work nearly every day of the week, and I never put that into my account unless I absolutely have to, that way I don’t spend even more on Feh. My rent is always covered every month, phone bill covered from tips, that really only leaves food/drinks for me since I don’t drive so no gas money needed, and when it comes to food I get it from work, drinks well tip money. Honestly hopefully in a few months my boss’ will finally sell the place and the new owners find someone that can replace me (I’m pretty much the only person that works their aside from my boss’) so I can finally move in with a few of my buddies who live about an hour away and go work with them, they make like 4x in 2 weeks than what I make in a month.


Oh I know that feeling well: ‘I won’t do shit until my ass gets kicked out’

It’s one of the most common signs of depression. Just waiting for the world to fall apart before you can move a finger, like you had no willpower.
Not saying that you have depression but maybe consider talking to a therapist. It works for me at my lowest moments.

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Which part are you referring too?