Mystic Boost

I can see the appeal if you want to counteract the effects of Fury 3 or other weapon recoil effects (Alm, any Celica, F!Delthea), but is it really worth losing the B slot just to stop adaptive and staff damage? When would the self-heal ever be better than say…any of the fighter skills on an armor, desperation on a striker, or vantage on a DC/CC infantry tank?

Vantage is a quite conditional skill, however.
The thing about Mystic Boost is that it’s value goes up the more times your unit is expected to fight. And also, realize that it’s almost like getting 6 extra bulk, but in the B slot, rather than the A or S slot. 6 HP after combat is quite good in many scenarios if you’re running a unit that can capitalize off of it.
Yes, for super units it’s value goes down, however it is still an incredibly useful skill for units who need that extra bit of self-sustain, without sacrificing their Special slot for healing specials, or trying to rely on something like Renewal.

Something just interesting to add is this really silly niche with AOE specials and Mystic Boost. A unit with fairly decent mixed bulk, okay speed, and okay attack, so even units with flat statlines, can use a build utilizing AOE specials and a Carrot Weapon along with Mystic Boost to sustain. Let me try and find the original concept. It looks weird, I’ll say that for sure. This is just a gimmick though, it has almost nothing to do with my argument.


I know, Mathilda isn’t the best unit for this, but it was for a challenge, so I just made the most of it. I personally see this is an interesting gimmick, though as of right now, I do not have the resources to test this out. Especially as a melee unit would be needed for maximum effect, and the lack of special cooldown is quite crippling
Deflect Melee was kind of just there to stop her from dying to desperation procced by the AOE and Brave weapons. However QP likely would have greater effect, allowing for a 1 round charge for the first AOE special


Who runs Mystic Boost on armored units? Is that an actual thing?

Mystic Boost and Desperation accomplish two very different things. One is for nuking (Desperation) and the other is for tanking/having ranged units take care of dragons (Mystic Boost).

Vantage and Mystic Boost also accomplish two different things.

If you’re seeing Mystic Boost on a melee unit, then, chances are, they’re wanting them to tank due to the +6 HP after combat.

If you’re seeing it on a range unit, then it’s probably for a tank build or to be a dedicated dragon killer/Wrathful Staff stomper.


Mystic boost is best on ranged units with much more Res than Def, as they’ll make use out of all 3 of the skill’s effects.

Best way to use it is by using multiple effects at the same time.

Or for units build for sustain, so not fury.

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What exactly are we stacking?

Mystic Boost + Renewal + Falchion (non-Alm) heal?

Can also be something like sol.

Like this

Interesting. I certainly learned something from that. (Looks like I need to keep 1 Eir in reserve now too. sigh Looks like my gems will be in overdraft mode for at least one month, maybe two.)

Mystic boost and a skill like Desperation’s value goes up or down depending on the character in question.

For example Alm, will really want that +6 hp after every combat since his weapon needs him to be in full health and Mystic boost can fulfill that, and obviously that weapon effect won’t work with Desp.

Yea it’s weird I know but I run Mystic Boost alone on one of my top mixed bulk tank (+5 Iduun, dayum for only releasing her once) and she almost always regain all of the hp lost after any round. Not even sure if I need Aether on her anymore. Maybe a bit of overkill on her but oh well.

Besides Alm, any unit that wants to maintain 100% HP likes it. Users of Melon Crusher+ and Deft Harpoon+ would like mystic boost to recover and keep them at full HP.

It’s a small pool but it’s also a niche skill