Mythic Banner went extremely well, looking forward to July

Despite a tragic accident that lost me my IOS phone (and my 200-ish orbs), I got to amass around 400-500 orbs and get 6 L!Roys, 2 Tikis, a Fjorm, an Altina, 2 B!Alms, and a Mamori. I’ve got around 100 more orbs to get in the content, but I think that’s enough summoning for now.

I’m pretty happy that my L!Roy is +6 now. I get the chance to score a bit higher in fire season if I want to, and I’m an FE6/FE7 guy so having a highly merged legendary from those games feels cool. I hope I find 4 more on July to make colloseum stuff waaaaaay easier.

A few merges to Tiki and Fjorm was well appreciated too. Tiki is a nice score bot, her banana smile makes me smile, and I like Fjorm as a unit (I like flat stuff). Worst case scenario was having a ton of merges on Altina or a lot of B!Alms, but those were doable outcomes too.

July is basically a repeat of this MB, but L!Ike is there instead of B!Alm (yay) and Peony is replaced for someone else (aww). Gonna be the same targets as what I did now, but with L!Ike instead of Peony. Wish me luck. I’ll be going back to my mentality of “I have everything I need, and I just need to farm a ■■■■■■■ of feathers to progress. I don’t need any waifus, there’s hardly any space in the barracks left.”

If you made it this far, cool. Guess you like to read. I’m doing this to log some progress somewhere, and I’ll probably do this for myself after any major progress I think is worthy enough to be logged. Until then, here I go lurking in the shadows again. Peace.


This has been a pretty good banner, and I have come to hate these Mythic/Legendary orb traps.

Wanted to fix my +HP/ -Spd Thrasir, got a +Spd and another that’s +Def, so super happy with that. Got a Mamori to fodder her A skill off to another unit since my built copy is already +Res/ -Spd and I see her as a dead-end bundle of stats. Got a F!Grima and a bad IV Bram and Ibunn, so plenty of stuff to build before I decide who gets the choicest skills.

Overall I have used approximately 250-280 orbs, so not superb, but not horrible.

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