Mythical Wishes

Pokeminers had found something about next season :


I read about that. Right now, I’m wondering what in-game surprises/events we will have on the 26th and 27th since they have been teased online. And also Niantic gave a list that had upcoming CD’s and events. One that stood out to me was an event on 12/25, Christmas Day in the U.S. Not everybody celebrates it, but to have an in-game event on a big holiday is silly.

I feel like we had an on Christmas event previously. Can’t recall off hand, but it’s usually the type that you can afford to miss.

Something about Delibird (maybe) with boosted shiny rates…

Or Present as a move on select holiday themed pokemon…

Something like Darmanitan(G)-Zen ??

Niantic haven’t figured out how to implement Zen mode yet, since it’s an ability-based temporary form.

Think you’re right, there was some delibird related thing, it was also a trade distance boost over 25-26th.

Minior was also expected to come this season, with both of its form. If Niantic can do that, then Zen is also possible.

If both are done, then next Halloween should be Aegislash !