NA eventually catching up to JP?

Seeing as how NA is about a month early for events than JP, and how they’re throwing events at us without a break, do you think they’re trying to eventually catch us up to JP? Or is that too farfetched?

Farfetched. We may have some slight time differences with events and whatnot , but we’ll always keep that 2~ years difference.

Rejoice, as that gives you more time to save for your favorite servants.

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There’s so much to translate/localize, plus certain events like Christmas and Halloween aren’t going to be pushed any earlier. We pay a bittersweet price to be allowed the gift of Clairvoyance EX

Hm, I see. While it’s nice to have Clairvoyance EX, I do sometimes miss the hype feeling of a new banner announcement I get from other gacha games.


Make a JP account then.

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I’d rather not. Thanks to Claurvoyance EX i can freely save for Medb/Skadi knowing Eresh will be back at the end of the year.