[NA] Prototype Grand Finale Help

So I’m out of Command Seals (-WHEEZE-) and have… no clue what direction to get into for trying to clear the Prototype Finale. Also, for the sake of this thread, I went over and added to My Servant List with all my notable Servants (including three unleveled SRs) for the more thorough of you to check out.

Full(ish, excluding unleveled 1-3 stars), extensive Servant List aside, here are some of my Servant highlights (aka the SSRs, multi-NP SRs, etc):

  • MEME-- ahem, Merlin. Lv 100, maxed, with +1480/each stat
  • Ozy! Also lv 100, maxed, standard +1k each
  • Karna, Okita, and Sanzang, all a standard lv 90, +1k, 10/10/10
  • An MLB Herc
  • NP4 TamoCat (not fully leveled OR skilled, but still; drowning in Exp from Nerofest, anyway)
  • NP5 Emiya (not maxed skilled or stat-ed, but… mats for days, too, if needed)

(Also, note that Mystic Codes I do NOT have are Memories of the Lunar Sea, Anniversary Blonde, and Royal Brand. I also do NOT have any Taunt CEs. Some Debuff Immunity ones, but… no Taunts, rip.)

My support list includes, ofc, many a Merlin, Wavers, Raikou, Calters, and a few Gilgamesh or Jeannes, but no DPS with 2+ NP AND the MLB CE.

Tl;dr I have NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING and don’t remember what comp I used last year for the post-nerf (w/… no SSRs except for maybe Ozy, iirc), to make it worse. There are too many directions to go in but non with the full comp for them (ie my own Waver to support a borrowed DPS, nor my own ideal DPS for borrowed support).

Maybe I should be making use of my NP5 Emiya…? xAx;;a Any tips/help etc appreciated, all the same!

The easy way is to friend someone with Amasuka Shirou, Kiara, or Holmes. Their NP level shouldn’t matter that much.

I suggest relying on your own DPS if your friend list doesn’t have any damage dealers to your liking.
This quest wasn’t available last year, and it was too difficult so that’s why we got the nerfed version the first time around. This quest is just to challenge you.

Emiya’s NP ignores defense which will trivialize their defense buffs. Remember to have his strengthening for Hawkeye
Merlin - Emiya - Support Merlin/Jeanne/Waver
Backline Georgios for Taunt - Backline David/Merlin - Backline Herc

Use Plugsuit for the guaranteed stun and to switch someone in if things get hectic

Some people recommend leaving Medea last, but the kill order I found more reliable was Jack -> Ruler Shirou -> Ozy -> Medea -> Lancer Alter -> Nero
Here’s my run with Jeanne + Merlin + Dmg, Emiya’s Hawkeye should make him have comparable crit dmg

Thank you sm! Tried the suggested setu[ w/ support Jeanne to… reattemptable results, but I also realized my friend list ALREADY has a lv 100 10/10/10 Kiara (edit: an Amakusa…), so…! Pleasant surprises! Either way wouldn’t know to look for her w/o your suggestions, so thanks again.

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Update that it’s… going. Had more success with a maxed Kiara, but ran into trouble when it was down to Nero (doesn’t help I had Herc’s MLB CE on instead of the Event CE, so his damage was… unhelpful, aha). Yet to try with a good Holmes or Amakusa run.

Maybe you can try having Medea Caster along with Herc? Medea can remove the defense buffs from Nero, and has easy NP charge. She also has debuff cleanse if you did her strengthening quest. She might even be helpful killing Jack first, I’m not sure who is your 3rd after Merlin and Kiara

There’s an idea! I wasn’t sure what to do with the setup for Kiara, so my first attempt was Merlin + Mash + Kiara / Georgios + David + Herc (though I’ve now swapped Georgios for d’Eon for extra durability n chip damage). I’m worried about having Caster Medea in the frontline so she won’t be alive to help with Nero, but I suppose that’s what the 1 AP cost is for—trial and failure ad nauseum.

Do you have BB? If so you can turtle your way through with BB/Merlin/Jeanne The kill order should be Jack>Shirou>Ozy>Nero’s Guts>Artoria Lancer>Medea>Nero.

I do! oAo I was wondering if there was a sustain build available… any suggestions for my backline (beyond maybe a last stand Herc and a David in case Merlin’s Invincibility or Jeanne’s NP aren’t available) jic my team starts falling?

Man I’ve missed turtling, haha… some Challange quest took me over forty turns but MAN it was worth it.

(Edit: since the point is turtling, think I should smack my Merlin with C. Gen [Fragments of 2030] or Prisma Cosmos for easier NP spam?)

I uh… literally did not care about my backline at all. Put Tristan/David at the back I guess? Also, since BB and Jeanne both have Stuns, you shouldn’t be running into a situation where you can’t pop an Invul. As for CE, use Prisma Cosmos. Your main source of damage is BB’s NP. More GoA means that you get more C.C.Cs. If you need a levelled Jeanne with Prisma I can help you out.

…Makes sense, lol. Who needs a backline when you can TURTLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Let me check my support list and the Jeannes on it anddddddddddddd

  • 1/1/1 Jeanne w bronze ce (boo); another with MLB Shroud of Magdalene
  • Lv 100 Jeanne w 6/5/7
  • A Prisma Cosmos(!) Jeanne… with 6/6/6. Not too bad (Another has 10/1/9) :p
  • A 10/6/7 w Formal Craft
  • A NP3 with MLB Another Story and 6/7/7
  • And then the NP5 with… MLB Kaleidoscope and 3/3/3 (so close!)

Think I’m good with the Jeannes I have on my support (esp w the one w lv9 stun)?

Yeah you’re good.Choose the Prisma cosmos one, you’ll be staying on that battle for a long time. Good luck sister

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu o7 I’ll farm for another hot second and let you know how the turtle train goes once I’m done and off it (hopefully successfully).

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Tristan/David won’t be helpful because of that sure hit buff Ozy grants. :(

@OP Let us know how it goes! You could also try borrowing a Sherlock with the event CE and bringing Merlin + BB with 2030s. BB debuffs, then pop Sherlock’s skills to get the EMD train going. You could also plugsuit BB out for someone like Mash, Hans, or d’Eon.

(Actually, pitting d’Eon on the frontline would be better since they can cleanse themselves—then debuff Sherlock with BB and swap her with Merlin. You should be buff-block free.)

Sherlock is naturally tanky, bypasses the defense up debuff, and does neutral damage to Amakusa. So you shouldn’t have many issues.

I see you also have Fran—replenishing a command seal and swapping her in from the backline to insta NP with the damage CE (especially if you borrow a DPS) can help you clear Amakusa.

David’s in the backline’s for pre-death Ozy, cuz… yeah. That’s a thing.

And I was about to pop in for an update that… y e a h . Amakusa keeps killing me, quite literally. I can’t kill him before he NPs twice, which leaves my team ready to die.

I might try the Sherlock route, though; especially since my friends list already has a maxed grailed one in there w/ CE. Less turtle-y, sure, but turtle-route isn’t going good. I’ll try that and let you know how it goes—though I’ll save my command seals for when I’m sure I’ll be able to finish safely AFTER Amakusa, what with my initial attempts stagnating with Nero.

(Edit [x2]: should also be said I have an NP 4 Tamo-Cat, which, after using a handy-dandy NP damage calculator, does about 8k more damage than Fran’s. Bonus points since, if I use BB, I might be able to use the debuff immune to prevent the stun.)

Close but no cigar… at all :'D

Tried BB [w/ 2030] + d’Eon + Sherlock / Mash [Prisma Cosmos] + Merlin [2030] + Herc (using BB for debuff n swapping her w/ Merlin), but there was NOT enough sustain and they just. Did NOT last. I got close, sure… but with 2 Command Spells :/

Since survival’s the problem I imagine I ought to try and keep Mash in the frontline more, kill Medea to prevent buff-removal, and take advantage of Sherlock’s NP to negate Medea’s def up, maybe even swap d’Eon for another full support like Hans, but… H. o)-<

Uhhhh, try BB with 2G3L. Iirc it took like 2 NPs to deal enough damage to kill Amakusa with it

MIGHT AS WELL go and try the double DPS route, if only at the start/til BB dies lmao. I’ll let you know how it goes in a sec (bless the only 1 ap cost tho sdfjkjkfsdjks FOR REAL) o.e

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If that doesn’t work, then you can try either Amakusa+Merlin+Mash or double Merlin + your choice of your own DPS (maybe Chloe or Emiya).

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Okay, you’re DEF onto something with Amakusa+Merlin+Mash…! A9

I got down to just Nero on one go, and really I just need to figure out the best sustain setup for them—like switching to the Atlas Academy Uniform so, when the skills are on cooldown, Laltoria can’t near-murder my team x—x;;;

I’ve also got Prisma Cosmos on Mash and Fragments of 2030 on Merlin; I think I’ll put d’Eon back in, as my first backline, keep Herc as my last stand, and… idk, put an MLB Imaginary Element on BB for my fifth slot?? I don’t have the team cost to give her a 5-star CE like 2030, so I might as well let her get off an NP off quickly to make finishing off the event easier…? Gonna try that next :p


Got down to just Nero, but her excess of defense buffs kept me from getting even one guts off while she wrecked my team w her NP—maybe I should have Chloe as my last stand instead w her Archer class…? Though her lack of buster chains means. H. x—x

Neither BB nor d’Eon had much use as my "mid-liners’ (4+5th slots), but that makes sense since they were thrown it at once, endgame, instead of over time or smth… Think I’ll swap BB for another Taunt servant/Georgios though, for extra DPS protection.