Na SQ prices + tax

Can anyone tell me the prices of the SQ packs with tax included? A local shop is having a big sale of Google play gift cards and I thought I might as well buy some for later to future proof myself

ugh i think the tax was like a 1.60 if you got the 80 dollar pack i cant remember tho

Doesn’t the tax depend on where you live?

generally my bad i was going off my tax in florida

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I live in the state of Texas in the United States and a 167 sq pack costs $86.59


seriously? That is so much

New Jersey and tax is $5.30, so a 167 SQ pack costs me $85.29

I think that my Florida bank didn’t add any tax. It was nice. :)

My Pennsylvania bank does—it’s $85.59 for a 167-pack.

That’s a really good idea, if you have the money available now. I bought a gift card online in January and I’m still living off that (though I think there’s only enough for 1 more purchase on it). I think it was something like a $500 card for $380, so a pretty hefty savings (harder to find Play Store gift cards on sale compared to Apple).

Tax would vary by region, so $79.99*0.xx (probably about 8%, so 0.08) would be just over $6, but if you bought the smaller packs or if your tax is 7 or 10% it would obviously be different.

Yeah I’m planning to do something along those lines, or at least buy enough for the next couple GSSRs. All the servants I’m aiming for are pretty far apart so I’m hoping to get them with natural quartz regen

next payday cannot come sooner i need waifu funds for the bride

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Tax depends on the state you’re in… my state has the highest sales tax of them all at 10%

I live in Europe and a 167 SQ pack costs 89-93$ for me, the price changes from time to time but it’s usually at 90 or over.


Like other people have said, tax is entirely dependent on where you live. This isn’t something anyone here can really answer.

That would depend on where you live. Some States tax online transactions, some don’t. And each state that does tax them has its own tax rate. You need to look up whether or not your State taxes online transactions, look up that tax rate if it does, and then multiply the standard SQ price by your State’s tax rate (ie for a 10% tax rate, multiply the price by 1.1; 9%, multiply by 1.09; 11%, multiply by 1.11; etc; this will give you your price).

yep same here xD

Wait, why does the cost of SQ locally have anything to do with discounted gift cards? Seems unrelated. Regardless if your local cost is $10 or $100, buying discounted gift cards is still savings…

Wow for me is 167sq=84.99 btw lives in Texas as well

FL neighborz!!

Maybe your area has a lower tax rate mine are 86.59 as well in Texas