Na unused account

hi, anyone has unused account that i can play? I wanted to play fate and my fate veteran friend told me to just buy starter account with ssrs something along that but i don’t have paypal. I do play azur alot and wanted to try fate. if anyone has spare i would gladly take it.thanks!

I actually did a bunch of rerolling for Gilgamesh when the game first launched, and kept the codes for a few of the better rolls. Would something like this do?


If op doesn’t take it I would love to have it. I’ve been rerolling on and off for a couple of months looking for a 5 star to start out with.

I like to have it as well, having very bad luck with rolls.

Hi! sorry for the late reply, but I would definitely want to have this. <o<

You guys should probably DM him if you haven’t already.

As it happens there are two more, so sure why not. Might as well drop all three while I’m at this. I’ll DM a pic of one of the other two to you, they’re pretty similar accounts actually.

I have an account with level 50 dantes and level 60 cleo. at oceanos. nothing else significant. message me.

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Hi. Can i continue playing your account? Still dont have account yet

Sorry op someone else asked first

OP literally asked for the account in the thread, why would you give it to someone else?

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I’m only looking to pass off this account on first come first served.

Maybe because Shokatsu_Yotsuba think that the OP twicehd599, already get FGO acc from Djinnistorm along with Phobos and NikeUno.

I don’t have the account yet. don’t worry I’ll update here once I get one.

Haven’t you get acc from Djinnistorm ?.
On above post he mention that having 3 acc, so i’m sure that you, phobos, and nike get all that acc.

Nope, nothing

inside is orion + vlad extra + annie bonnie marry

pass is 1111

the fastest person win

Yea sorry, I entirely forgot that there was a password to these account binds, and I can’t seem to recall what the hell I made it way back when. This prompted me to rebind my own account, but as for the one promised to you… I’m really sorry about this. I can see if NA support will assist in recovery of the account, but since it’s an account made and abandoned at launch with no real money spent…I’m not hopeful. I’ll download an emulator and try a couple guesses tomorrow, but for now you may want to try someone else.

Again, I’m really sorry to tell you I can’t give it after saying I could, and if I crack the password I’ll make a new bind and message you ASAP.

EDIT: I AM HAPPILY WRONG. I kept the password in a notepad on my desktop of all things. I’ll message it to you now!

To anyone else: one of the other two people who wanted an account didn’t respond, and the other was helped by another kind soul before I got my act together, so there are still two accounts. Both are accounts with the Friend point CE, a 4 star servant or two, and Vladzerker. So yea, if anyone reads these and wants one of the two, first messaged first served.