[NA] Will there be more 4* tickets?

Other than this 4* ticket and the one we’ll get later this year, have there been any more handed out in JP to this day? I can’t seem to filter events by free 4* tickets given. Thanks!

As far as I know, the only ticket JP got last year was the Babylonia campaign ticket, so unless NA changes things up, we’re looking at no free 4 Stars next year.

That, or this Babylon ticket replaces this year’s ticket, and we get nothing til late next year. Honestly, no one expected us to get another ticket this early, so anything is possible imo.


You think this could replace the DL campaign ticket and that they would postpone the DL ticket until next year? I can see them rushing this one in an attempt to raise awareness for the anime, but I don’t see why they would postpone the DL one.

They might want to spread it out and continue to have 1 ticket each year instead of two on one year and none the other. It’s hard to say.


The only reason I would assume so is because I’d think they’d want to spread out the free SR tickets for one per year, but it’s all speculation.

I can see that happening I guess. Has there traditionally been a free 4* ticket handed out every year?

Isn’t it possible we just get an extra ticket? Or two years from now we just get the 1 per year usual ticket?

That would be awesome, but we’re being cautiously pessimistic.


At least another this Nov, and presumably - IMO - another end-of-year GSR.

Yeah, it seems there’s been a ticket per year so far, with this one being the 4th free ticket in NA (I picked Emiya, then Herc, then Lobo, and this next one will be Danzo). Earlier in the year than usual, so we’ll see how things end up as far as getting two this year or if this replaces the November one and that gets moved back to next year.

Danzou summoner high-five. :raised_hand:


There’s the Abigail DL Celebration ticket this year I think

I think realistically we are not going to see a 4* ticket in 2021. Too bad since I was counting on getting lanling off the 2021 ticket.

(Although I suppose it is not impossible to get a camelot movie campaign ticket)

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