Nagi fodder?

I have a extra Nagi, but I’m not sure who I should give the DC and Special Fighter to.
I’ve narrowed it down to two units, H!Myrrh and Spring Idunn. So to who should I give the skills?



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I think Spring Idunn is currently better than Halloween Myrrh so she would be the better choice. Halloween Myrrh isn’t awful but she’s outclasesd by Spring Idunn now.

Just keep in mind to get the most out of Special Fighter on either of them, you’re going to need to run Quick Riposte in the Seal slot. Even with H!Myrrh’s prf, defense as a stat overall has increased since her release so the >+5 def check for a guaranteed follow up isn’t always going to go off.


Okay. I gave DC to Myrrh because I adore her and she will always get best, amazing stuff from me. (Mine is also like +3 or something like that and I thought i would get more merges but never did). anyhoo. i would give it to the unit you use the most.I’ve seen really mean, hard to take down Idunns without DC, but I always feel Myrrh needs it to be at her very best.

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H!Myrrh is great with it

I put it on mine and she’s amazing with DC+SF+QR, she’s very powerful

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And another Nagi killed for her fodder…smh

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That is my Nagi :smiley:
(still have 2x spare for fodder xD)

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I’ve gotten a few nagis (and I actually REALLY like her). i haven’t really gone after her and i got a few copies and i am in that awkward stage where i could merge her and she would be strong, or i could fodder her off because my one copy is good.

thankfully, i don’t need to make this decision for a while.

If nothing else, at least +1 her and use whatever others you have as you see fit. Preferably, she wants a +Atk or Def boon