Nanna bringing some pain :birbpeek:

And taking some premium fodder! Merge project started!


You shall be updating this thread with her progress?

Either that or will do like I did with Oscar. Make dumb new threads like “This week on Oscar gets another merge!”


Did you get Earthfire Balm+? :feh_notlikethis:

Yes, I just don’t have enough SP, I passed Kumade+ as well but also no SP for that either right now. I prioritized Pain+ because it really has been making a huge difference in helping her get kills when grinding SP alongside 3 dancers.

Looks wonderful :birbpeek:


Good luck with her!


I have yet to pull a Brave Camilla and here you are foddering her off


But I have +10 H!Mia, I didn’t need another flying healer that showed up on a circle that didn’t have any green stones.

I did do her Heroic Ordeals before I foddered cause Brave Micaiah appreciates an extra +1 from dragonflowers!



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Hey what happened to that super res build we talked about a while back?

Brave Camilla showed up uninvited (circle only had Red or Colorless for options). Made Camilla useful somehow. Cause I wasn’t going to use her when I have +10 H!Mia and H!Mia already has Atk/Spd Solo, Restore+, Wrathful Staff, and probably Atk Tactics (she at least has Spd Tactics) so it’s not even like Camilla’s fodder was useful for Mia at this point.

Well after the first useful part of Camilla being obtaining 40 more flying dragonflowers that went to +4 Brave Micaiah

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Isn’t +atk better than + speed?
She has a good speed to start, and more atk= more hp healed

I think he plans to switch to +Atk after he gets more merges :birbpeek:


Off to a good start :popcorrin:

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