NARUTO MAFIA || Mafia Madhouse [R2] Day Thread Part 4

Mafia Madhouse: Round Two || Day Discussion Thread: Part 4 - Believe It!


I kept dead people and people not playing the game in the mentions so they can keep up with the new thread

  1. @Eflakis/Cody
  2. @ACExDiscostu93
  3. @A_aron
  4. @belluchi
  5. @Pyron
  6. @TMFM
  7. @Minutaie
  8. @Kirchou
  9. @The-beast
  10. @Banraku
  11. @Rex_Psyclosa
  12. @LeiCiel
  13. @Bow-of-Sacae
  14. @bluebell
  15. @I_Am_Fish
  16. @kayonov
  17. @Cutiepie67
  18. @HusbandoEmblem
  19. @Z3R0N3
  20. @Mysterym1ster
  21. @Holdvar
  22. @Lain
  23. @RoyAhoy

Remember, if these rules aren’t followed, the entire game may be ruined, so let’s do our best to keep them intact!

If you have questions, PM us both @Souljia_Boy @Averdi.

  1. You are not allowed to send a Private Message to anyone else about this Mafia Round except for us. The exception is the Mafia team, who have a group private message.
  2. You are not allowed to post any Private Message from the GMs in this thread.
  3. You can claim whatever you want in this thread, but nothing is confirmed unless a GM confirms it.
  4. For Town to win, they need to kill all Mafia members. For Mafia to win, they need to kill all Town members. For the Third Party… well, they’ve got a specific win con.
  5. Don’t delete messages. It breaks the spirit of the game by functioning as a pseudo-PM, annoys everyone who didn’t see the message, and handicaps the fight heavily in favor of Town.

hey b



On night 3, I attacked TMFM for 2 damage, but then he was healed last night, night 4, by someone

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Wait another night bro. I might be mortal by then lol. I’ll let you know, I don’t want to go out except by Beast.


Hey so whats the plan @Bow-of-Sacae? Pop it or wait for more bad guys to decimate?

We’ll make it an epic showdown, even if you ain’t Madara

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Hey what’s good, Blue?

Please wait till tomorrow

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Good deduction tbh

I’ll have to rethink how I play my next time as maf

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Hate when I’m tryna like shit and GP is just like


Alright I’ll slap @TMFM tonight as normal mode, we got enough attackers to secure the kill right?


Don’t do it tonight I don’t think we can hit him tonight either

@Rex_Psyclosa trying to be all inconspicuous and not get mauled tonight I see you.

Jk I’m an idiot ignore me

You were being a bit gung-ho with calling lynches and stuff opposed to the mafia rounds I read where you were Town. Since when you were town, you were accusatory, but not quick to call for a lynch. But when I read, what was it, R4? Where you were mafia? I think that round, you were behaving really similarly to this round; quick to call for lynches and such
So it stuck out to me, a bit

Gung ho probably isn’t the right word, but I think you get what I meant


Aight was gonna say

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Is there anyone here in need of an HP buff or should I just use it on someone sus to check titles?

I think we lynch Rex and have TMFM catch these hands tonight


I never called for lynches in R4

I just went with Town’s ideas

Not my fault they sucked lmao