NARUTO MAFIA || Mafia Madhouse [R2] Day Thread Part 6

Swiper would be so lit


Who would fit the SK role from a kids show tho

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swiper the fox

and big bird

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Swiper as the neutral and his goal is to swipe(Attack) everyone once

If someone he didn’t swipe dies then he hasn’t to swipe whoever killed them again and if they were lynched then one of the random voters has to be swiped again

id love to be oscar

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can barney be mafia

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You already have trash opinions, so it fits

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Okay but Whomst is ■■■■■■■ Swiper

  • I am
  • Swiper no swiping my ass virginity

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The Flying Dutchman would be the true neutral or SK

@The-beast should be Larry the Lobster

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this bitch has a phina without dance in my vg

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i found someone in AR who had taken Dance off of Soiree Ishtar and put draw back on her instead

it didn’t do her any favors


I missed a Soulja and the gay combo nooo :sob:

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But 2700 grails :weary:

I could merge him to +1 at least

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Hold up, what did his investigate reveal?

it revealed that i had been sleeping on some pretty good info

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But what was that info? xD

kirchou’s actions from last night, healing mafs and going invisible and all that :cat:

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Hot diggity damn. I may need to change my actions then.

this was the og post where i told about it :cat:


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