Nastiest Selena builds

The game decided to give me 10 Selenas from the alm banner so I’d like to know some of the nastiest builds. No budget or iv restrictions

Idk about the best but here’s one from my friends list

Selena is one of the best Infantry sword mixed tanks in game. At +10 with a resistance boon she has 39 speed, 36 defense, and 35 resistance.

Heart’s Blade, Safeguard, and Barrier Blade (and maybe Slaying Edge) are arguably her best weapons.

Distant Counter, Steady Breath (or Steady Stance 4), Warding Breath, and Fortress Def/Res are some of her best A skills.

Wrath, Spiral, and Guard for the B skill.

C is flexible, as is her Seal.

You could probably switch her C slot to Atk Smoke.

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Selena can be a really good and annoying unit because her high defenses and spd make her hard difficult to kill.

Dammit, he beat me to it
Well, she could also run Null Follow-Up in her B-slot, as armors could serve to be a substantial threat to her.

I use her as a budget arena assault armor check, as she comes with everything she needs
But if budget isn’t an issue, she’s incredibly flexible and benefits a lot from merges. Wo Dao, Safeguard, Barrier Blade are all decent options.

True, I keep forgetting about that one since I’ve never pulled the fodder.

@The-beast :joy:

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