Navarre 1 hit Galeforce build suggestions

Using his legendary refine, he starts the match with Galeforce down to 2 charge. So that leaves me 2 options, QP seal or Flashing Blade. QP is likely more reliable, Guard like effects can still stop activation. While flashing blade may avoid that if he hits twice , he must meet the speed requirement tho.

A skill: Swift sparrow 3
Obvious choice since he shouldn’t be afraid to 1 hit the enemy. Something other Galeforce users may tend to avoid.

Bonus doubler
I plan to pair him with Odin, who will smite him to +6 to all stats, which turns into +12 with bonus doubler. Also the advantage of lasting thru enemy phase.

And I have BD fodder, while SwSp3 requires my to use my cyl free unit to obtain.

B skill:
Nothing really comes to mind for this build style, guard maybe? I feel like there is a better option that I am not thinking of.

C skill: more or team depend so I’m not too concerned here.

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Flashing blade 4 is an option, which would almost require darting blow seal. Idk if the 5 damage is better than just having an attack increasing skill instead, doesn’t seem like it.

Null follow up is also being considered, crack thru wary fighter.

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I would go with Flashing Blade. This would allow him to easily use Galeforce again (on another turn), just in case that situation would occur. He is namely already able to Galeforce non counterattacking enemies with Flashing Blade (as long as he is able to double them) without the help of his refine.

I’m not sure if you should invest as much in him as giving him a premium skill like Swift Sparrow 3. It kind of feels like a waste to me if you fodder your free CYL 3 pick for a small increase of attack and speed (2 Atk and 3 Spd compared to Swift Sparrow 2).

Other B-skills (than the ones you mentioned) that could work for Galeforcers are Drag Back and Hit and Run. I actually used S!Fiora during her 3 bonus seasons as a provoking Galeforcer with Drag Back. It worked really well for me (however I used it in combiation with a refresher to either retreat or to let her attack someone else and proc Galeforce).

His HP is actually pretty high. If you are planning to bring along another infantry unit (with less HP than him) who would benefit from a (partially) charged special then it could be an idea to give him Infantry Pulse in his C-slot.


He could also run Time’s Pulse to get it down to 1CD turn 1, though not in conjunction with Spiral, of course.
I’m kind of feeling FB4, more damage is always nice. Of course I’m no expert, just throwing my opinion out.


When you say flashing blade, are you talking the seal or FB4 in the A slot?

Yeah SS4 maybe a bit over the edge but I like to fully commit and maximize a build to its maximum potential. I don’t want to be in a match and miss a speed check because I took the “budget” route.

Also I don’t feel like I’ll use any of the CYL3 units. They all seem great but they don’t fit any roles I need. I still have a few CYL2 units hanging around looking to be fodders.

You didn’t seem to mention bonus double, do you not see that as a good choice over the others?

Times pulse is a really good choice, freeing up my seal instead of having to worry about the extra charge.

I meant Flashing Blade as a seal. The 5 extra damage would be nice, but it is also less than the other premium options give (assuming that you want to defeat an opponent with it and not simply want to deal extra damage to units with too much defense for him).

Of course the Time’s Pulse option that is proposed by Mysterym1ster will still allow him to Galeforce opponents every turn as long as he is able to double them, so that might be a good option too if you want to give him more damage output/speed with the seal. With Time’s Pulse (instead of Flashing Blade) he won’t be able to proc Galeforce against enemies with Guard however (even on the initial Galeforce). Also for consecutive Galeforcing he will then need the counterattack of his opponents to charge from a cooldown of 3 (assuming he didn’t manage to charge it further on a previous turn by attacking someone else/taking a hit on enemy phase).

If you are really willing to fodder premium skills to him then both Bonus Doubler and Swift Sparrow 3 could work for him (assuming that you buff him with Odin every battle for Bonus Doubler). Bonus Doubler would even have my preference, because it will also give him some additional bulk in case he cannot retreat properly.
You could also grant him one Dragonflower so his HP (when he isn’t damaged) will be 1 point above the threshold of a level 4 Panic Manor (assuming that you bring along a mythic and give him the blessing for that mythic).

Also keep in mind that Navarre will have a harder time reaching his opponents on some maps than for example fliers. I realize now that I also had such an easy time using S!Fiora in AR, because she isn’t held back by the terrain. I believe that maps that hold every other movement type back with the terrain (instead of the unbreakable walls) also became more popular after the nerf on the Abandonned Castle and Spring Breeze. People that use these maps will likely place their traps on a position where at the very least cavalry and infantry won’t be able to reach their units, however fliers sometimes may find a way around them.
It might therefore be a good idea to study the maps of your opponents this (and maybe even the next) season(s) to see if there is even space left on enough maps for an infantry unit to Galeforce on before you go through with this plan.

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Good point about infantry limitations. Who do you recommend as reliable flier for this? Im thinking Clair or Caeda with the Flashing blade effect. Allowing a free A slot to boost offense potentially. Also I have enough copies of either on to +10 and plenty of flier Dragon Flowers.

After comparing the 2, I just noticed their basically the same unit but different colors.

Edit: worth noting I have Legendary Azura who might want to be on this team.

I can’t say for sure about either of these two. They both have low attack so they likely fail to kill a lot of targets (even armors against which they are effective). Another problem would be that the units they can kill are most likely mages and archers, which usually aren’t that exposed (they will also need Quickened Pulse in order to Galeforce then). Of course if it’s only meant for provoking the enemy then it should work as long as they outspeed their opponent and can double (and the opponent doesn’t have Guard). I can’t say for sure which color would work best out of the two though.

Another reason that S!Fiora worked so well is because her base weapon had great synergy with Aversa’s Night. It basically granted her 8 Atk and 8 Spd over her opponents (3 from debuffs and 5 from her base weapon) when they were affected. Additionally her Atk Smoke also helped me to both reduce damage from counterattacks (if I pressed the attack) and helped me with activating Galeforce (if I initially attacked someone that died to one hit and managed to refresh her afterwards) by giving her an edge of 12 additional points over her opponents attack for activating Heavy Blade. Thanks to the boosts from her weapon in combination with Death Blow 3 she usually managed to kill her opponents as well. Of course keep in mind that I also had a supertank setup as a backup team in case I wouldn’t be able to use this against a team, so I didn’t manage to perform this strategy against every team that I encountered.
Since her weapon is inheritable you could of also give it to another sword flier with decent attack and speed if you think that they are more up for the task/easier to merge.
You could also combine this setup with support from Velouria (as a replacement for Navarre’s refine) if you still want to get a 1 hit Galeforce from this.

Yes, L!Azura will absolutely be a boon for such a Galeforcer. It would even allow you to easily perform hit and run tactics with your Galeforcer (after you have refreshed them thanks to the extra movement) especially if there is some kind of blind spot in the enemy team to take advantage of.

Their atk is a bit low but it gets decent with buffs and skills. Dont know from experience if itll be enough just speculating. Can get the extra movement and +6 to all stats from Azura. Depending on the rest of the team I could always use Legendary Eliwood instead to also give bonus doubler and +6 to all stats with a smite. The tricky part is that low base atk, and making it the highest on the team.

The A slot can still be changed to the more premium Swift Sparrow 3 or even Atk/speed Solo

They are obvously no longer a 1 hit Galeforcer

If you buff them in attack before they engage in a fight then I guess that they should be able to take more opponents out anyways. My main thought in my previous comment was that you would be forced to run them in a flier emblem (or a team that has at least 3 fliers) since both Naga and Eir are fliers. This would make it a lot harder to buff your units initially, because Tactics wouldn’t work and flier buffs would require them to be next to each other, which in turn would make it harder to approach.

Life and Death could in theory help them with having a higher visible attack. This of course goes at the cost of their bulk, but at the same time it could be worth it since they will receive the Bonus Doubler for their defensive stats as well.