Navarre/Salvia AR Galeforce team?

Some ideas for Galeforce units. Navarre would have his special at 1 charge left on turn 1, so it will proc unless he goes against a guard effect. Thinking of putting Legendary Eliwood on the team to bonus double and +6 all stats. Not sure if I’d want to maximize attack and speed, or take distant defense 4 to tank any ranged attacks. Pulse smoke to knock out an pre charged specials.

Salvia is pretty straight forward, has enough hp to pulse Navarre.


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44 speed on AR is low to use closecall you need to pump those numbers up

navarre as an awesome weapon but lacks speed and attack so the first build is better but only for offense in defense I think a special is better like blazings or just aether for damage and survivability.

on defense you either want nukes or walls but the later is more difficult to pull off

Silvia looks great wont change anything


Don’t forget to factor the +12 to all stats from Eliwood. Of course luls counter it.

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What are your mythics/bonus unit running?

both units are fine candidates for galeforcing, but running two reds is going to be problematic a huge percent of the time unless you have other teams in reserve.

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One naga and one Altina

Galeforce in astra is extremely difficult. Sylvia and Navarre (best case) can ko 4 units. What about the other two?

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My non red options

That’s kinda why I was thinking a somewhat tanky build with DD4. So he can survive enemy phase, a bit optimistic I suppose.

Thing is that you will need to ko 6 units in one turn. Sylvia at most kos 2, navarre at most kos 2 and activates wings of mercy. Your mythics (probaly altina) and/or bonus will have to do work as well.

There are a number of ways this can go badly:

  1. navarre needs to ko 2 units and get into WOM range. This can only happen if he gets two kos + one of them is a melee unit or CC unit + the unit that can counter puts them in WOM range.
  2. navarre doesn’t one round at least one enemy but gets into WOM range. Doesn’t work since at best you’ll ko 5 without a great bonus unit.
  3. navarre doesn’t one round at least one enemy and doesn’t get into WOM range (either from not having a melee or cc unit to intiiate on or it doesn’t do enough dmg to put him under 50% or it one-rounds him). It’s over.
  4. needs to use bolt trap to hit WOM range. Hard to ko all 6 since he’ll waste a turn moving into wom range and possibly gambling.

And that’s just what has to go well for your initiator. Every subsequent attacker has things to pass.

moral of the story - galeforce in astra isn’t worth it, sadly. i’d stick to light for now.

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Well light is easy to tank in thanks to brave ike.
I’m looking for new teams for astra specifically. If galeforce isn’t the way, I’ll pass on it all together and come up with a different option. I’ve been lazy with it recently, just throw my repel Astram in the way and hope for the best. Works decently but not exactly reliable.

Whoah, merged Sylvia and Navarre. Cool. Since both run slaying options, I suggest doing quickened pulse Heavy Blade Altina and mimicking something like this:

Astra galeforce at least can have the reciprocal aid strat shown here. Dunno how the math always checks out for those two units, but it could lead to fury desperation Atk smoke or Spur/Drive atk (help Altina and Silvia get kills) to make it work.

It’s three reds though. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it becomes straight up impossible.

I’d honestly consider a good vantage strat for more consistency if you’re looking for another strat that isn’t tanking. An infantry vantage unit with slaying and IP from a Silvia can use two engagements or a double to reach one charge miracle with vantage. A dagger unit like Sothe and Kagero can do it better with Ouch Pouch. Kronya can allow you to forgo looking to damage yourself and just focus on splashing damage on the enemies and has an open b-slot.

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