Near or Far save on B!Hector

Save skill are quite… broken, in my opinion. They’re great for armored tanks. And guess who’s a great armored tank? Brave Hector, of course.
Which one do you think is the best for him?
Or is there any better options besides them?

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I got put down by a ranged tank B!Hector with a close tank B!Edelgard… So… I recommend Far save because it sure as hell works. Also you get to take advantage of Hector’s A skill with Far save.


Yah Far save B.Hector and Close save B.Edelgard is going to be one hell of a combo… especially once B.Edelgard gets her Refine in a few years


when B.Edelgard will get her refine B.Hector will already get powercrept

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Well, good bye Henriette I guess, my -res Hector is waiting.
Edit: And F!Tiki for SF


Idk, B.Hector’s refine is pretty crazy, Slaying, Armor effective null, null penalties, guaranteed follow up, -6 Atk/Def, and prevent foe follow up’s… it’ll be kinda hard to really beat that, and even if someone does, theirs nothing stopping IS from doing what they did to the old Legendary units to the old Brave units with upgrading their Prf skill to be better and giving them a new skill to go with their kit


Don’t underestimate IS. They will bring new powercreeps in the near future I bet

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I never said I was underestimating IS, im just saying that with how crazy stupid B.Hectors weapon is it’ll be hard to beat it on the same level. Even when 200 bst Armors roll around B.Hwctor will still carry his weight when invested, and seeing that he is a lot more accessible now. And besides I highly doubt he will get superpower crept by August 2022 when B.Edelgard gets her refine

I’m waiting for a couple weeks to see how defenses react to the skills. But I don’t have better options in my barracks than B!Hector and B!Edel so I suspect they’ll both end up with those skills unless the meta shifts to shut both those units down if they can be shut down


This is so true. I’m really trying to make Near Save + Far Save combo and BHector is always the first to come to mind for both. I already have 1 +10 BHector, but I’m really tempted to get another. BEdelgard is not on the same level of brokeness even with the gen 5 BST and prf skill. Armor slaying negation + debuffs negation + WF + QR + prf DC beats the movement gimmick and the prf QR, because why bother reducing damage of follow-ups when you can destroy any enemy you face in 1 hit?

BHector is hands down the best Far Save unit. For Near Save he is also a top contender (if not the best), but VGustav or BEdelgard can do a similar job (unlike against ranged threats, were they crumble more easily). If your BEdelgard is not merged up, I would consider using VGustav as the Near tank (with SF). He is also a strong contender for best melee tank, and I would even consider him better than BEdelgard because of his DR being always active and his defense being stronger (dragons are less common in AR and tey are usually EP units).

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Far Save is perfection for B! Hector. The only thing he would be susceptible would be to Dazzle/Dazzle-Pain Healers, sweeper Green tomes and possibly nuker Green tomes. I unfortunately don’t have him so next best for me was my +1 Valentine Rudolf.

Is your team going to be a wall of armors? If so, Ward Armor stacking will make B! Hector very difficult to even dent.

I think the skill is near broken but since unit has to be adjacent, that prevents it from being completely broken imo.

It’s within 2 spaces, not adjacent

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Also adding to the discussion I might just run Duo Idunn with Near Save so she can use her Basekit StSt3. Kinda crazy that these skills stop Lunge strats too, and also stuff like Umbra Blast’s Lunge effects


Wow, you’re right. It’s only the first tier that is adjacent for both of them. Yup, broken lmao. Good to see armors value go way up though while Dazzle Healer stock is about to skyrocket. B! Hector is GOAT tho.

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Whichever you use, be sure to make sure he’s got the appropriate A slot. So if you go close save, ditch his DC for something stat boosting.

So I’d probably go for Distant Save on him, since he’s got a prf DC, and Close Save either on someone with built in DC on their weapon or with a weapon designed for close combat.

I have Far Save on my Brave Hector.
It is extremely enjoyable to see him destroying all those cav lines in Aether Raids.
Definitly go for Far Save if you can.