Need a gramps the bull of heaven challenge

I’m have a little trouble finding anyone with a king Hassan.
Does anyone have one they could lend me? My user ID is 672,920,910 and my IGN is Blacko. Thanks in advance

379 503 787 if you still need it. I have a maxed out Lvl 100 Gramps on the assassin slot with arjuna anti divine CE.


May I ask if you can please add me too. Need some help badly. Here is my ID 772,308,038

I didn’t see your request so I sent one instead. Cheers.

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Thank you for adding me. Will try the CQ once my AP refreshes. Thank you again.

Sorry, can u add me too? I need your Gramp + arjuna ce too. My id is 931,568,623.

Sure. Request made, hope he helps.

definetely adding you!

Sure! I have some slots available. Let me know your IGN or code so I can look you up.

hey, mate. If you still have slot available, my ign is Ard. I lack ST servant in the assassin department so I really appreciate the help.

Hi, i hv sent friend request to you, my ign is starryume.

@Ard @starryume

Requests accepted my dudes. Please use him to lop some heads off. :fgo_buster:

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Hahahaha, will do. Thanks, man.

I also add you my friend? Dont mind my support list since i didnt have time to level event bonus servants

Edit Okay i Just passed with 3cs but still…

My IGN is Alexias

I sent one. Mind helping out?

That friends list is full. 215,951,937 send me one please.

If you need gramps, I have 6 slots available.
Put your friend code here.
First come first served.

778, 650, 376, is my FC.

I added you

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