Need a gramps the bull of heaven challenge

Hi, i hv sent friend request to you, my ign is starryume.

@Ard @starryume

Requests accepted my dudes. Please use him to lop some heads off. :fgo_buster:

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Hahahaha, will do. Thanks, man.

I also add you my friend? Dont mind my support list since i didnt have time to level event bonus servants

Edit Okay i Just passed with 3cs but still…

My IGN is Alexias

I sent one. Mind helping out?

That friends list is full. 215,951,937 send me one please.

If you need gramps, I have 6 slots available.
Put your friend code here.
First come first served.

778, 650, 376, is my FC.

I added you

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bit late, but anyone still need? Gramps is only 6/6/6 and NP1 for me though

if there’s still some slot available, please add me, really need gramps for this CQ. 408,036,017 IGN angsty bitch

Request sent, IGN Ninja

It’s done. Check your friend list.

@Twitch_L_SLE is your IGN Mask? thank you for lending me your KH
@RamenKing thank you as well, I ended up having 2 support KH

yeah, that’s me; no problem. how did the fight go?

anyone still need?

halfway into the last health bar i have to use CS when your KH died, but it’s still a vast improvement bc I have never reached that point before lol

Do you still have space?. Can you please add me?.

FC: 370,277,911
IGN: Blazure