Need a help

So I will use about 20-30 gapples for both summer parts (haven’t finished part 1 farming yet) and I want to know which kind of team should I choose. Whether I pick time efficiency team which can 3-5 turns but with just about 5-8 drops bonus, or drops efficiency which has around 10-13 drops bonus but takes about 7-9 turns. IDK about this much but if you were me, what team will you choose?

  • Time-efficiency team
  • Drops-efficiency team

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tbh, pending on what you have, you may be able to both. as 3-5 turn clears (plus maybe an extra turn or two on wave 3, pending card draws) with a range of around 11-15 bonus is iirc what I’ve been basically doing throughout the event

Considering the approaching NeroFest I would suggest maximizing your drops so that you can save a bit of apples for that farming. If you have a whole lot of apples and are getting fed up with this event then prioritize time instead.

I’ve only used teams with as high drop boost as possible and it can be slow but at least for the Saber enemies there are always support Altria Archers that can make short work of them.
The other classes aren’t as easy but there are some nice options.

Do you feel like you have a bottomless barrel of apples? Then feel free to go for efficient teams and eat those apples.

Personally, despite never being able to get my stock of apples below 100 all year, I find it difficult to not run a full bonus team if I can still clear the quest without too much difficulty.

I just voted for time because no one voted there

I’d usually say find your balance but if 10-13 bonus is your idea of “drop efficient” then you should absolutely go with that.