Need a little help with team break part 1

So i have returned a few weeks ago, and been doing some catching up with my sync pairs and such, but my team building for PM hasn’t always been solid. I’m curious what I could bring to deal with challenge team break part 1

sync pairs

You talking about main story or events?

the event. Want to see if I can get the medals before tommorrow

I recommend Leavanny, Zebstrika and Swanna here. I did my first clear with Zekrom replacing Zebstrika, but I did test the slightly more F2P-friendly team, which also works. (Referring to part 2 here, part 1 is much easier)

EDIT: Just checked your sync pair list, since you have both Volcarona and Zekrom should be pretty straightforward. Swanna could really use a grid here but Serperior should do fine. Volcarona’s superior firepower should be able to balance lack of healing here.

It can be as simple as hating the design, or as complicated as IV training! For me, it’s Celesteela. I just discovered this thing (after starting up an US randomizer) and I hate its design enough to warrant this post. I have never hated a pokemon before, this is a first. appvalley