Need a little help with team break part 1

So i have returned a few weeks ago, and been doing some catching up with my sync pairs and such, but my team building for PM hasn’t always been solid. I’m curious what I could bring to deal with challenge team break part 1

sync pairs

You talking about main story or events?

the event. Want to see if I can get the medals before tommorrow

I recommend Leavanny, Zebstrika and Swanna here. I did my first clear with Zekrom replacing Zebstrika, but I did test the slightly more F2P-friendly team, which also works. (Referring to part 2 here, part 1 is much easier)

EDIT: Just checked your sync pair list, since you have both Volcarona and Zekrom should be pretty straightforward. Swanna could really use a grid here but Serperior should do fine. Volcarona’s superior firepower should be able to balance lack of healing here.