Need a new Sword Unit

Until now I’ve used an omnitank Rutger that I have +10’d, but I can’t see him anymore tbh.

Time for another Sword merge project! I already have OG!Eirika on +10 and recently revamped her kit a little with Spurn, but she is just so outdated stat-wise… I do have her resplendant, but that just isn’t enough.

I am thinking about building Marisa, but she is also pretty outdated statwise :/
On the other hand, she has some good special spamming capabilities now.

Any suggestions for a good swordie? Preferably someone that is 4* available, as I already have many 5* exclusive merge projects going on rn


Athena and Soleil both come to mind. Especially since Soleil is bound to get a refine.


Laslow and Seliph are dope


Caeda :feh_birbpeek:


Oh Marisa is totally worth it

Her stats are fine, especially given the flowers she can get
Very well rounded, a good bit more bulk that the average swordy

Shamsir is an amazing weapon
Base is basicly Fir’s sword already, but the refine… Whoa boy.
If you happen to have timepulse and spurn or repel to give her she’ll be a beast.
Add in either sol for healing or bonfire for damage…

Trust me, don’t sleep on her.

Otherwise there are a few options, but all options on her level (or slightly above) are gen 1 units
Eliwood, Laslow, Seliph, Chrom, Arden
All amazing yes, but very much due to their weapons.


Oh I actually already have a +10 Soleil, but she has a very old build with HnR and Armorsmasher. I used to run her in Arena, but that’s like 2 years ago haha

I’d be excited for a refine tho!

That doen’t look too bad!
Unfortunately, I don’t have spare Infantry Flowers nor Grails really…
It would take forever to finish her, but I may build her anyway. She’d be at +2 for quite some time tho before I could finish her.

Then grails seem more like the problem rather than her as a unit.
Flowers might be an issue for all of em.

It also depends on what you’re looking for.
Chrom is a great infantry tank
Seliph is just an allround beast, especially with DC builds
Eliwood as galeforce the unit
Laslow as one of the best brave DC units


Well, I really like speedy Infantry sword units and I already have a lot of tanks so I will probably just build up Marisa :slight_smile:
I do have 2 Larcei’s and 2 Mareeta’s but I don’t really want to have yet another 5* exclusive merge project and didn’t even play Genealogy/Thracia so I don’t even care about them too much.

I love FE8 tho, so unless Brave Eirika is a really good Sword unit, I will probably setle with Marisa

EDIT: For my third arena team, I decided to step up my Soleil’s gane a little. Once I get another +Spd copy of her I’ll merge into that.

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He is a 4 star…kinda… :feh_bylethsmirk:


I would so love to build him!
I’ll try to get copies of him the next time he’s around - last time I only managed to pull one…

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What’s your preference: ball o stats, speedy swordie, or defense-oriented?

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As I already have a/several ball o stats that is more defense oriented, I would prefer a speedy sweeper


Navarre is also pretty cool tho now that I remember names again

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Soleil is great for the standard pool since she isn’t a typical glass cannon and is in line for a refine, and Masked Marth is excellent for grails since she has access to the Sealed Falchion refine.

Shown with sealed active, before seals:


Sounds like someone isn’t trying hard enough

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so you’re the guy who cleared the shelves of Walmart last March, huh?


That’s almost excatly the build I have on her now, only that her flower count is at +7, I didn’t Summoner Support her and I run Spurn instead of Repel :smiley:

Very nice build tho!

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Thanks! It takes a bit of work but good use of her prf and buffs can help with her stats a lot. Someone else also suggested “Marth” with sealed Falchion and after running into one last night in VG I believe they’re also a good option. As is Chrom.

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PRF weapons & refines can make or break a unit nowadays.

In terms of f2p swordies, it is really hard to top the new Divine Tyrfing & Sealed Falchion refines. Having auto-follow up or follow-up denial + a whole bunch of stats is really powerful.

Also it depends if you have the available resources (fodders) to build them properly. For example there is little point in +10’ing a tank swordie if you lack DC.