Need advice for my Acc., Please !?

I’ve been playing this game about 5 month (Since Summer 3 ), i need advices for my acc, maybe there might be something that i missed. Here is my current roster :

  1. Servant
    SSR : Musashi lvl 90 NP 2
    Xiang Yu, untouched NP 2
    SR : Atalanta, Fran, D’eon, Diarmuid, Suzuka Gozen, Medusa, Liz, Stheno, Martha Ruler
    Maxed out (Welfares)
    Nitocris, Nezha, and so on
    R : Mostly Maxed out (1-3 stars)

Additional Note : Story finished till LB 3, EoR only the 1st and 2nd one, no scope :disappointed:
only two IE

I would try prioritizing Fran over Xiang Yu. You have the Command Code that keeps her destroying waves, and it’s even easier when you get BB next month.

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Thanks, but do i really lacking of supports ?? for farming

This is unrelated, but I think you should avoid posting full screenshots of your roster. This is one of the information required to claim a lost account. Someone might use this to claim yours.

so what should i do ?? delete them all or how ?? still new to this post

For now and in the future it’s best to just write in your notable SSR and SR but don’t include their level. There’s a lot more info needed like the favorite servant in your room and Master level, but better safe than sorry.

Santera provides 20% battery, crit star drop rate and NP strength to Ally. She is a good star bomb as well as a good ST Archer (but I believe Kuro is better) I use Santera to buff then let her die.

Parvati will be your farming Lancer. With 1 Skadi she can go a long way. Parvati loops her NP rather easily while also providing NP gain to allies. Also very self sufficient if you feel your servants lack survival skills.

Diarmuid (Saber) is a lot better than he gets credit for but is hard to complete against servants like Yagyu,& Lancelot. Since your only leveled up Saber is Musashi I would recommend leveling him up when you can afford to do so.

You can skip leveling up Ana right now. Liz has a charisma skill(attack up) that buffs females 2x so it’s worth mention that. Her Defense down is okay too but it’s only 1 enemy.

Suzuka is a buster crit AoE saber but she needs NP levels to preform well. If you like valley girls with fox ears, look no further.

Deon is a solid tank. He can taunt for 3T’s as well as inflict charm. Taunt is very useful in all parts of the game IMO.

Atalanta can generate a lot of stars from her NP but her face cards lack the damage necessary for building her NP gauge. However she can loop her NP with the help of Skadi. She has a Quick card damage up that applies to the party but is only for 1Turn. Her second skill is a crit star gather skill(if you NP back to back you won’t need to worry about leveling this right away if at all. Her third skill is an Evade and NP gain up for 3T’s (this is what helps her loop)

Nezha is okay. At low Np levels her NP won’t hit very hard and since you have Parvati I feel you can skip investing into her for the time being. She also has meh NP gain and star generation.

Marie Caster is a support Caster who provides crit stars and attack up to males. Her other skills are a heal and invincibility making her a little tankier however her low damage is somewhat offputting. Not to mention that she will require shells which are annoying to farm and typically aren’t available from events until Summer.

Nitocris is your new MVP for farming right next to Arash. Nitocris has a instant kill np but it’s “chance” based. Her first skill increases that chance (but don’t expect to go further than silver enemies) she can also charge her Np instantly so people typically give her Scope which you lack , and Black Grail to help her damage if any enemies don’t die from her NP’s effects.

Arash, the best 1* in the game. His job is to nuke , regardless of the enemy class advantage. Give him Imaginary Element, Aerial drive or scope and he’ll will be in a good place. Just work on his 3rd skill. The other two can be completely ignored.

Snek’s can charm lock male servants and trivialize a lot of servant battles. If you are having trouble with servant battles, it’s recommended you level them both up.

If you require supports just borrow a friends Waver, Skadi or Merlin. Merlin will have less value for your roster.

People usually refer to supports with NP charge when it comes to farming. They’re mostly necessary for charging AoE wave clearers by maxing out thir NP then letting it rip. You could try for Waver in April, Merlin in August and Skadi in November strictly speaking. Or you could also go for the lower hanging fruit in the 3 star Asclepius on the LB4 banner 2 in June. Helena’s nice too and she’s in the current banner but shared rate ups suck for servant sniping.

You can also get Waver alternatively for free through the SSR ticket next year if you’re willing to wait.

I think SRs and welfares are notable too lmao. Just don’t include the level since grailed servants are some info.

Done, thanks for the tips, i forgot that it can be stolen, it’s not too late right ??


I think you’re clear. If you’d like to read more, here’s the resources.

Just the servants and level isn’t enough info, but some people post their ID on support request threads and post their SQ and tickets on hoarding topics, and perhaps even report their recent rolls in the roll thread. Those are plenty of info to gather for the malicious party. Stay safe.

thanks for the reply, i can wait for waver though, but i dont know if i should really aim for the other high tier support since i’m only doing GSSR for buying quartz

Thanks a lot dude, and also for the info about the account recovery

Umu. It’s always best to prioritize your quartz for your wanted servants. Hans is actually one of the strongest supports in the current NA and he’ll get some upcoming buffs which cements that further. It’s just that NP charge skills help a lot in farming . As I’ve mentioned before, 3-star Asclepius might be worth a look if you can spare some resources with his party wide 20% NP charge.

Thanks though, my only goal for this year is one of the high tier support (not you waver) and kama and musashi zerker


Yeah it’s not wise to chase for Waver anymore since he can spook anytime AND every player are guaranteed at least a copy of him come next year. I think this summer has Merlin and sometime this year Skadi will get a rerun too? I say prioritize those two before Kama or Summer Musashi. Even if you’re planning to get Castoria, having Skadi and/or Merlin can never hurt. Plus Kama and Summer Musashi are both guaranteed a rerun on 2022.

yeah, i might think just doing 2 - 3 multi for each (kama and musashi zerker), yeah i’m lacking high tier support for farming and CQ though, but i don’t know if i can hold it, gacha is tempting

Don’t be afraid to raise lower rarities in lieu of higher rarities you don’t have yet, or likely won’t get at all.

Ideally you should have AoE and ST NP Servants for all the main classes (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker) in addition to Supports. After that it’s just getting additions to your roster for love/gameplay ease, etc.

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It is tempting and I can’t just tell you to hold it in either. If you can roll just for, say, Skadi this year, you’d have saved lots by next year, increasing your chance at both Kama and Summer Musashi rather than haphazardly throwing SQ at all 3 at once. Thinkin like this helps, though it still doesn’t guarantee you’d get all 3 or even any of them.

By the way, supports are everything in this game, like, bar none. CQ, farming, story bosses, there’s no content where supports are useless (except maybe the recent ShishouFest where it’s basically 1v1).

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