Need advice for shimosa

Thank u all fellow master will take advice

Side note about the Berserker and Rider boss fight: I don’t think the GP guide mentioned her for this for some reason, but Cleopatra is a phenomenal main DPS here, especially when you have or can borrow one with raised NP levels.

Using her isn’t Bond bonus-compliant, but to me spending twice as long to finish that fight wasn’t worth twice the bond points for every single character in my lineup. I think players sometimes get fixated on the bonus and forget that time = AP = potential for bond point earning, so wiping repeatedly because of insistence on getting the bonus for every slot is not efficient.

If a player wants to do it as a sort of challenge, I can see it, but even then I don’t get the appeal. Same fight, just longer and with more opportunities for the enemy servants to crit or spam an unfavorable combination of skills to deal with.